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9 Must Hit Parks In The Northeast

Posted December 18, 2013 @ 8:50am | by Dan Villaire


Killington - The Beast of The East has one of the best park set-ups in New England. From the Stash To Dream Maker to Timberline there are features all across the Mountain, which turns your park experience into an all-mountain freestyle adventure. Park crew is constantly maintaining at Killington’s terrain, the features are always prime!

Killington Rail set up

Killington Quad kink rail, terrain park

Pros - Early season park - Killington has features set up before anyone else, and they are committed to changing their features on an almost weekly basis.

- Lapping from the Stash to Dream Maker turns your run into a full park lap (As long as you don’t get caught jumping ropes) and it gives you a total of 8 jumps, a super pipe, and a multitude of rails.

Cons - Killy is PACKED during the weekends, I would definitely recommend checking out their park on the week-day, so you have no interruptions from Joeys…. “I just really want to see what the stash looks like”…..

Sugarbush - If you are a rail goblin look no further than Sugarbush up in Warren, VT. Look at Sugarbush like a skatepark, everything is set up so you can go from feature to feature, and their rail creativity is next level!

Sugarbush Wallride, terrain park

Sugarbush jump line

Pros - Sugarbush Park has it’s own double chair lift that brings you right to the top of the park over on the Mt Ellen side of the mountain. Park laps all day without ever having to venture elsewhere and watch everyone else hit the features on your way up!

Cons - Sugarbush Park is all about the rails, and they kill it, but in the past their jumps have lacked. Mostly because of their lack of space on the park trail and pitch to gain speed for bigger jumps.

Mt Snow / Carinthia - If your looking for a park mecca in Vermont than Mt. Snow’s Carinthia Park is the place to be. Carinthia has park features on every trail from small to large, and hosts one of the biggest ski communities on the east. Carinthia is one of the few places on the east coast that still builds and maintenance bigger, more proper jumps.

Carinthia Booter

Pros - Park hits down every trail, the entire peak is your playground. From small to big you can find it all, and once their big park Inferno opens you’ll see some of the gnarliest features in the east.

Cons - It is one of the smaller peaks in Vermont, which makes your laps smaller. Also just like Killington, Carinthia is packed full on the weekends, which makes it a little hard to get your flow down a run.

- So many features make it hard to maintain, watch out for big divots in landings in the late afternoon


New Hampshire

From big old jumps to a massive wall ride, Loon has it all. They always get really creative with their rail features and have an awesome stair set at the bottom of the run. Don’t forget about the big old Super Pipe to close out your run.

Loon Booter, photo cred Loon Blog

Pro’s - One of the best park laps in New Hampshire, ride from top to bottom and hit multiple rails, jumps, wall rides, and a super pipe.

- Either take the lift and hope in the park right after the first couple rails, or burn-up in the Gondola and rip some trails to get to the top of the park, it’s a win-win.

Con’s - The lift lines at Loon get huge on the weekends, so definitely shred this park on a weekday.

Waterville Valley
This is easily one of the fastest park laps on the east coast, with some of the nicest jumps around. They always have a wide variety of rails, with tons of round stock, and they are not afraid to get creative. The staple stair set at the bottom of the run is one of my personal favorites.

Waterville Valley Stair set, terrain park

Pros - You can buy a rope tow pass for cheap and lap park all day long. We all know its hard to drop big money to lap a park all day long, so this is a great way to rip an epic park and save some cash.

Cons - Its a smaller park and can get boring if your there lapping in all day every day. There aren’t to many different lines to take here.


Just need to give a shout out to Whaleback, it is always the most fun to go rip around this tiny mountain. They consistently tend to go out of business then re-open, but they always have that trademark stair set with the U rail going down it. Definitely stop by here if you see the lights on when you’re heading up to Vermont one night.

Whale Back Terrain Park, Rail Setup


The pipe, big slope style comp run, air bag set up, and awesome skier cross course you can rip through makes Sugarbush a must ski. In the big park they have a perfect two jump line and all the rails that you'd want to train on for any competition. With a mini pipe, and mini park right beside the big park you can take it easy through the top and hop onto the rail section at the bottom of the big park.

Sugarloaf Maine Boarder/Skier Cross Course

Pro’s - There is some epic skiing on your way to the park! Can’t remember the name of the trails off the top of my head but their is some real skiing on the way down, woods, steeps, and going fast. What more could you ask for?

Con’s - It gets really really cold…. like really cold
- The pipe isn’t the best, lets just say it has more waves then Cali.

Sunday River
As one of the biggest resorts on the East Coast, Sunday River has a lot going on. They host a numerous amount of big events, like the Dumont Cup, and build CRAZY parks. The big park right in front of the lodge is perfect for showing off, and they have some nice jumps for doing just that.

Pro’s - GO AFTER THE DUMONT CUP, the park is next level after this event, and literally blows any other park on the East Coast out of the water.
- They set up an awesome rail park near the beginner area where you can just lap a quad, watch other people slay, and have fun with all your homies!

Con’s - You have to either choose to session some rails or the big parks jumps. I’ve never been impressed with the rails in the big park and wish you could lap it all at once.


Nashoba Valley
One of the only places in the Boston area that has a park thats worth skiing over and over, and over! Nashoba actually extended their park so it is going to be a bit longer this year. They also always get really inventive with whatever features they can throw in. For being so little, the jump they get going on is actually pretty fun, just make sure you can spin fast!

Nashoba Valley terrain park

Pro’s - Night riding! Go hang out all night in the park with your friends and have a blast.

Con’s - Nashoba is tiny…. like a football field on a slant tiny, and the lift takes longer to ride up then it takes you to ride down!

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