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2024 Snowboard Gear Sneak Peek

Posted January 30, 2023 @ 6:48am | by Neil Soucy

Growing up, loving everything there is to do with snowboarding, it always felt like such a score to find a collection of seemingly top secret photos of next years boards that had somehow made their way to the internet. Now with the power to share such top secret intel, it only feels right to put together a gallery showcasing what each brand is bringing to the table for next season.

The truth is, it's not that big of a secret. Between early catalogs, tradeshows, on snow demos, and some brand specific events that we attend, we're seeing this gear a lot and all over the place, it's possible you've already seen some of it at your local hill! So here it is, all in one place to keep your stoke levels up for the rest of this season and get you hyped for next season.

There's a lot of good stuff to look at here - new tech, throwback graphics, fresh color palettes, and much more. Check it out!



Salomon Snowboards Interlude Booth

Salomon Snowboards Women's Boards Providence Booth 2024

Salomon Snowboards Men's Boards Providence Booth 2024

Men's and Women's board lineups from Salomon look amazing.

Salomon Snowboards Huck Knife 2024

Salomon Snowboards HPS Louif Paradis 2024

The Huck Knife (left) always gets a sick graphic and the HPS - Louif Paradis (right) is just so clean.

Salomon Snowboards Dialogue 2024Salomon Snowboards Echo Dual BOA 2024

The Dialogue Dual Boa (left) and Echo Dual Boa (right) are some of our favorites.

Salomon Snowboards District Pro 2024Salomon Snowboards Hologram 2024

The District Pro (far left) is absolute fire and the Hologram (right) got a subtle but fresh highback update.


K2 Snowboarding Interlude On Snow 2024

K2 absolutely killed it with the base graphics on their Landscape collection.

K2 Snowboarding Interlude Booth 2024K2 Snowboarding Excavator 2024



K2 Snowboarding Alchemist 2024K2 Snowboarding Alchemist Base 2024

The Alchemist is K2's directional powerhouse. It is no stranger to slashing pow turns and knifing groomer carves all in the same day.

K2 Snowboarding Alchemist Interlude Neil Soucy Slash 2024K2 Snowboarding Alchemist Interlude On Snow Neil Soucy 2024

The Interlude Snow Show at Powder Mountain, UT was the perfect location to test the Alchemist (pictured above) in both soft snow and on firmer groomers.

K2 Snowboarding Antidote Interlude Neil Soucy 2024

The Antidote is a slightly directional board that has some power but maintains a snappy freestyle feel - very fun.

K2 Snowboarding Antidote 2024K2 Snowboarding Antidote Base 2024


K2 Snowboarding Program 2024K2 Snowboarding Program Highbacks 2024

The Program is K2's new stiff and responsive binding option.

K2 Snowboarding Edition 2024

K2's new binding lineup has something for everyone in a clean and well-engineered design.

K2 Snowboarding Path 2024K2 Snowboarding Albany 2024

For women, the Path (left) is your more responsive binding and the Albany (right) has a more forgiving feel.


Jones Snowboards Providence Booth 2024

Jones Snowboards Hovercraft 2.0 2024Jones Snowboards Hovercraft 2.0 Detail 2024

The Hovercraft 2.0 is packed with new tech. Stringers under each foot made from recycled snowboards add strength and responsiveness. The 3D hull in the tail improves glide and turn initiation without sacrificing grip!

Jones Snowboards Storm Wolf 2024Jones Snowboards Storm Wolf Neil Soucy 2024

The Storm Wolf has been a go-to the past couple seasons, here you see it thriving in some Utah pow.

Jones Snowboards Aviator 2.0 2024Jones Snowboards Frontier 2024Jones Snowboards Mountain Twin 2024

Jones Snowboards Storm Wolf Interlude Neil Soucy 2024

And here you see it doing its thing on a groomer.

Jones Snowboards Dream Weaver 2024Jones Snowboards Twin Sister 2024

Jones Snowboards Mercury 2024Jones Snowboards Meteorite and Equinox 2024Jones Snowboards Orion and Aurora 2024


Yes Snowboards Pyzel 2024Yes Snowboards Pyzel Base 2024

Tons of hype around this board for next year - the Yes. Pyzel Sbbs (snowboards built by surfers).

Yes Snowboards Standard 2024Yes Snowboards Hello 2024

The Standard plays it safe with some muted graphics while the Hello is a full on party.


Ride Snowboards Providence Booth 2024

Ride has some good throwback graphics tucked in here on the Kink in yellow as well as the Zero.

Ride Snowboards Deep Fake 2024Ride Snowboards Deep Fake Interlude Neil Soucy 2024

Brand new board for 23/24, the Deep Fake. Slightly directional all-mountain board with a section of titanal metal layered with urethane running the edge of the board improving dampening and responsiveness.

Ride Snowboards The 92 2024Ride Snowboards Lasso Pro 2024Ride Snowboards Lasso 2024

(left to right) The 92, Lasso Pro, Lasso

Ride Snowboards Deep Fake Interlude Neil Soucy 2024

The Deep Fake is a charger on groomers and handles variable snow great, but it doesn't mind some powder here and there too.

Ride Snowboards Hera and Hera Pro 2024Ride Snowboards AL-6 2024

Ride Snowboards A-8 2024Ride Snowboards A-6 2024

Ride Snowboards Compact 2024Ride Snowboards CL-4 2024

The Compact and Cl-4 binding are a perfect match.


Capita Snowboards Interlude Booth 2024

Capita Snowboards Providence Booth 2024Capita Snowboards Aeronaut Arthur Longo 2024

Arthur Longo gets a pro model with the Aeronaut featuring his own artwork. Known for his lofty side hits the Aeronaut is a resort ripper with tons of pop and a go anywhere attitude.

Capita Snowboards Mega Merc Interlude 2024Capita Snowboards Mega Merc 2024

The Mega Merc is a lighter, stiffer version of the Mercury that fast and aggressive riders will love.

Capita Snowboards Defenders of Awesome 2024Capita Snowboards Birds of A Feather 2024

Capita staples - the DOA (left) and Birds of A Feather (right).


Union Snowboarding Falcor 2024

The Falcor gets some great updated color ways.

Union Snowboarding Atlas and Trilogy 2024Union Snowboarding Atlas Pro and Force 2024

The Trilogy and Force are all new - still filling that go-to medium flex spot in the Union lineup with a redesign and some poppin' colors.


ThirtyTwo Snowboarding TM-2 2024ThirtyTwo Snowboarding STW Double Boa 2024

TM-2 Double Boa and STW Double Boa, TM-2 is more responsive with a denser liner while STW caters towards the intermediate rider with a softer feel.


Lib Tech Snowboards Interlude 2024

The Lib Rig is Austen Sweetin's new pro model. We were able to check it out at Interlude in UT.

Lib Tech Snowboards Rig 2024Lib Tech Snowboards Providence Booth 2024Lib Tech Snowboards Golden Orca 2024

Three bangers from Lib Tech - Lib Rig, Golden Orca, and the T. Rice Pro


Burton Snowboards Interlude Tent 2024

Burton continues to build on their impressive fleet of boards with some graphic updates and some new models all together.

Burton Snowboards Deep Thinker 2024Burton Snowboards Deep Thinker Neil Soucy 2024Burton Snowboards Interlude Tent Family Tree 2024

The Deep Thinker is a weapon all over the mountain. The Family Tree line is used to experiment with some new shapes and there are some killer ones for 23/24.


Spark R&D Interlude Booth 2024Spark R&D Arc Interlude Booth 2024

Spark R&D dominates in the splitboard space and their bindings intuitive and user friendly design explains why.


Kemper Snowboards Providence Booth 2024Whitespace Snowboards Providence Booth 2024

Kemper keeping the retro vibes going and Shaun White's brand Whitespace is coming onto the scene.


Arbor Snowboards Interlude Booth 2024Cardiff Snowboards Interlude Booth 2024

Arbor has woodgrain on lock and Cardiff is crushing it with their solid and split offering. Every board Cardiff makes as a solid, is also made as a splitboard.


Bataleon Snowboards Interlude Booth 2024Rome SDS Snowboards Interlude Booth 2024

Bataleon's 3D base tech sets them apart from almost any other board brand and Rome is looking very punk rock for 23/24.

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