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2022/23 Men's Outerwear Review

Posted October 13, 2022 @ 11:45am | by Devon Scovill

I think we’ve made our point that we test a lot of skis. Slightly lesser known fact, we also test out a lot of outerwear and accessories. You may have finally found your soulmate in a ski or board, so it would be a real bummer if you were leaving the hill early because you swiped right on the wrong outerwear.

No two testers are alike. Some have very specific style preferences, others will make Goretex the hill they die on. Here is what the TSM bros had to say about Men’s 2022/23 outerwear.

For the guy who wants the best.


Eric had a chance to try out the new Norrona Lofoten GTX Pro Jacket. On Piste is more his style but anything with bright colors catches his eye. He’s like a peacock. He also really likes comfortable lightweight shells. Within the industry, we saw this exact shell as an athlete, rep and retailer favorite. With new colors coming out for 2022/23, I think we will be seeing more of the GXT Pro around the mountain regardless of backcountry preferences.

“Ridiculously lightweight shell. It's probably the lightest feeling 3L GORE shell I've ever used. The fit is tricky though… It's a fast/Euro fit that can either be a pro or con depending on the end user. Also, not a huge fan of the high hand pocket placement.” - Eric

While the 21/22 multi-color shell was dope,  we are pretty excited about the 22/23 colorway (insert drool emoji)

The Lofoten Fit tends to be narrower in the waist and longer in the arms. If you are between sizes, you may want to size up.


For the guy earning his turns.

If you are the guy counting ounces for touring, prefer lighter weight gear, or just run hot and would rather not wear a jacket (if it wasn’t for the 100+ benefits of waterproof 3Layer shells) this would be our pick for you.


This lightweight jacket landed in the TSM test lab minutes before Dylan and Neil left for their Weston snowboard trip in Colorado.

Dylan runs hot, we’re surprised we even got him into a test shell since he’s usually seen riding around in bibs and a staff hoodie. #yaycotton? On a -22 degree day in Sugarloaf where it took 40 minutes in front of a heater and hot toddy to thaw me out, he was completely fine in his usual kit. So when he had two snowboard trips on the books that both involved a lot of uphill, he was not thrilled with his options for outerwear. Until the Glacier Light.

"For a trip full of hiking and splitboarding, I really didn't want to overheat. It snowed on both trips so was thankful for a  3L waterproof shell. I'm not a huge fan of insulated jackets unless it's brutally cold, and even shells often feel too warm but this one was breathable and super light." - Dylan

The Glacier Light is definitely one of the lightest weight shells we have brought in for the season. While Dylan runs hot, this jacket may be too light for you if you tend to be stuck next to the heater at lunchtime - like me. Plenty of room for layering but if you want something a little thicker, we recommend the Orage Chic Chocs or the Flylow Quantum for a heavier weight shell. 


For the guy who is likely to crash or trash his gear.


We have a lot of Flylow fans in the building but one of the main reasons we all continuously go back to it is that Flylow is nearly indestructible. Flylow keeps sending us more gear to try and despite our accidental efforts, their jackets continue to hold up. Eric and Eric (you read that right) both had a chance to put the Flylow Knight jacket through its paces. One Eric filmed maybe some of his best turns in this light weight keystone piece and it still survived the depths of his bottomless Thule box. But the real test was another Eric who had a solid slam off trail into a tree (don’t worry! It was as graceful as possible in front of ten colleagues and a cameraman, but he’s fine!) and the Knight took a beating. It’s still intact! 

“A really solid shell with everything you need and nothing you don't. I particularly liked how tough and rugged it felt for the retail price.” - One of the Erics.

Even after skidding into the woods and into a tree, the jacket got a little dirty but there were no rips or runs. The Knight passes our durability test. We probably will not be maintaining this consistent testing we like our testers to enjoy a full season. 


These bibs are nothing new, a best seller for multiple seasons and for a reason. They are damn near indestructible. Joe has been rocking Bakers for the last two seasons, and we are eyeing the Flamingo Pink ones from FW22/23 for him.

“I really like how solid this bib feels. The fabric feels tough, durable and well-constructed. Even after a full season in it, without doing anything to really take care of it, the bib still looks new. I like all the pockets and I feel like they're well-placed and easy to access even sitting on the chairlift. It’s a function first bib that happens to fit me well.” - Joe



Neil has been rocking the “Tan Boi” kit for a few seasons now. It’s his head-to-toe Orage in all Khaki.  This kit has been tested East to West, resort to backcountry, and has truly been put through the wringer as a test kit. While we can’t say it preserved its pristine Khaki coloring, we can tell you it’s seriously held up. The Gibson Bib is a customer and staff favorite and now we know why. 

“This kit has been through a lot and it is still holding up. The stuff from Orage looks and feels high-end, has all the techy features, and is super durable. The best way to describe the material is as the athleisure of ski and snowboard outerwear - fully functional and looks cool too. The fit on the jacket and matching bibs is exactly my style and the orange pop on the bib straps is the perfect extra flare for apres”.  - Neil

The Gibson Bibs are getting an upgrade for 22/23 and Neil's already got his eye on the new green colorways. 

For the guy who CAN have nice things.

For the first time ever, the boys had a chance to try some real bougie outerwear this season. We don’t usually get to see these guys in insulated and tailored fits…and that's a real shame because they looked pretty posh. In general, the overall vibe was a total surprise at how great these jackets felt, how easy they were to move in, and the unexpected urge to sip champagne at Apres.

We brought in some higher-end men’s items from rh+ out of Milan and Aztech Mountain out of Aspen CO. Our testing window was short and a little warmer than the days we would have preferred to ride these pieces but overall, the crew was pleasantly surprised by the comfort, fit, quality, and how wearing one of these made them….feel.


Andrew, who is known for his billowing pants and fun style morphed into James Bond on a ski trip (a Bond vacation, not a Bond mission- although those white ski kits were dope)

“This jacket felt expensive, and I'm down with that. I would confidently wear this on a frigid day with minimal layers to keep warm. The tailored fit complimented my figure nicely, which is what I would expect from something this high quality. Definitely felt more euro, but I dont think that's a bad thing. Ideal for skiing, but I would feel totally fine wearing this to apres, or walking around my favorite ski village. Down insulation is hot rn, and the era of technical shells dominating the slopes might be over. Everyone appreciates a nice fitting puffy with some bougie wool shoulder padding.” - Andrew


Joe also had a chance to try an Aztech Nuke Suit, while usually an Armada guy, even he could admit how cozy and well-made this bougie boy is.

“This jacket made me feel more important.  I would wear this on a colder ski day, cruise the trail under the chairlift and just show it off. I wore this on a warmer ski day and I could tell it can handle some frigid days, it’s toasty AF. Warm, functional, and fashionable; great for the slopes, aprés, or the village.” - Joe

The Super Nuke Suit is a similar silhouette to the Nuke Suit but with a textured wool face fabric. 

And finally, George ran our first ever test in the men's rh+


If you have the opportunity, try this jacket on. It is unreal. 


For the guy who knows Jeremy Jones.

If you hang around a ski shop long enough, you will find your gear closest expanding at a slightly terrifying rate. One thing we all have in common is our tendency to favor shells. Sometimes we forget the benefits of a lined or insulated jacket. Especially on frigid New England days.


Neil will be the first to admit, his kits are generally all shells. He’s also very conscious of his style. We like to call it a capsule wardrobe. Between testing the new Jones outerwear, which is on it’s second season, and then actually going out to Tahoe to meet and shred with Jeremey Jones, Neil has deemed the new Jones Mountain Surf collection to be not only Soucy approved, but extremely well-built.

“This was one of the first lightly insulated jackets I’ve worn in a while and I was impressed with how well it fit. It was noticeably warmer than my shell jacket without feeling too bulky or awkward. The matching bibs were comfortable on the shoulders and while a little long, still fit well with boots on. Both the jacket and pants had ripstop in heavy use areas which felt nice and durable but overall the kit remained light and flexible which was great.” - Neil


"Lightweight shell with a slightly fitted feel. GoreTex PRO makes this jacket perfect for uphill climbs or riders who get hot. Amazing waterproofing without restricting movement. Even though it’s just a shell, it still feels warm for the downhill." - Dylan

For the guy with an easy button.


It’s no shock at this point, people are into the One Piece. Strafe sent us a couple of the Sick Bird suits for Andrew and I to try at an industry demo. Not the day I would usually break out into my most fashion-forward outerwear but I’m glad we did, these things are way too much fun. Plus, next year's Dune colorway is pretty sick. 

“Onesies are back baby, and hotter than ever. I would wear this any day of the season. I felt the membrane was totally windproof, and I had ample room to layer if the temperatures were frigid. Wicked lightweight made it easy for me to move about. The straps attached to the upper part of the suit made it easy [to remove] when grabbing lunch or entering apres mode. No need to worry about a matching kit ever again.” - Andrew

For the guy who is not naturally built for it - but still is not afraid of a -22 degree day at Sugarloaf.

Not all of us run hot, so it’s always a good idea to have your frigid day gear for those susceptible to freezing. We mean a tried and true insulated jacket. It’s easy to load a coat full of insulation until you feel like the Michelin Man. It’s harder to pack a jacket full of body-mapped warming material without the bulk and we think Norrona has nailed it.


The Norrona Thermo80 only has body mapped insulation throughout so you get that extra oomph where you really need it, like your core. Their use of top quality Recycled Primaloft Silver Insulation Bio is lightweight and super warm and this jacket is really really soft. Mmmmm

Tyler had a couple of chances to test this jacket out on really cold days and we think some of the other shell guys were pretty envious.

"The Norrona Thermo 80 was super warm without feeling bulky. The jacket achieves this through a more relaxed fit and using Primaloft insulation. Even when the wind was howling and everyone was cold I was at a really comfortable temperature. I felt like I was impervious to the elements. I don’t really like color blocking that much, but I think the Thermo80 looks really good and that wouldn’t deter me from buying it. I also appreciate that Norrona uses recycled materials in the construction of the jacket and that they have sustainability in mind for all their products." - Tyler


For the guy lapping the park.

Garrett is our resident park rat so his word is gold concerning what kind of outerwear work best upside down. He is also the tallest TSM staffer and has had trouble finding outerwear that fits and still looks sick. The Seventy Pant from Spyder’s Free Ride collection was an obvious win for him. He's also our resident Sled Dogs expert... 


“I remember the first thing I thought when I laid eyes on these pants: “Spyder’s back.” What drew me to these pants is a clean design that’s unique but not over the top. I sized up in these pants for a baggier fit, so the velcro tightening system around the waist came in handy so I didn’t need an additional belt or suspenders. Performance-wise these pants are comfortable, warm, and kept me dry. Can’t ask for much more!” - Garrett


As soon as Garrett started here, he was drawn to one of our newer brands FW (future.wild.) We all have a little crush on this brand and Garrett was the first to pull the trigger.

“I’d be lying if I said the main reason I went with the Catalyst from FW was not that it looked dope with the pants I got. That being said the jacket did not disappoint. A loose, tall fit that looks good and doesn’t feel restricting. The pocket situation is spot on; big hand pockets for some essentials, a chest pocket for my phone, and a pass pocket on the sleeve.” - Garrett

Peep the 22/23 colorways  - we are a bit obsessed with the men's lavender colorway in the catalyst. Is this Garrett's new kit?


If you have questions about the best men's outerwear this season, give our customer service team a call, hit up live chat, or set up an appointment at the shop if you are in the Boston area. We geek out on ski and snowboard testing, but trying out new outerwear is becoming a new favorite add-on to demo days. Keep an eye out for when we get into the 23/24 gear!


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