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Dylan Lavoie

Fave MTN: Revelstoke

Dylan grew up in southern NH living the "Live Free or Die" life. He thought it was a good idea to skip the bunny slope and go all the way to the top. Quickly learned this was a mistake and was punished the entire way down. After a few years and too many crashes in the park led him into the wonderful life of skiing. Since then he has managed to grow a beard, shred skis and boards, and thoroughly enjoy Aprés. When Dylan is not on the slopes or in the store he's most likely hanging with his wife, dog, and probably talking about playing with excavators or stacking rocks. Actually, he talks about his stonemason life all the time on the slopes or in the shop.

  • Age: 38
  • Height: 6'2
  • Weight: 216
  • Deadlift: No clue, I use bands.
  • Fave Mtn: Revelstoke
  • Local Fave: Sugarbush
  • Apres Bev: Vodka
  • Pet's Name: Riley


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