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Weston Backwoods Splitboard 2024

A lightweight option on the uphill that will absolutely rip the downhill. The Backwoods is best in powder but can do a little bit of everything.

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No better tool to rip that line you've been scoping out.


The Weston Backwoods Splitboard provides the same performance as the Weston Backwoods, but now you can climb! Weston has taken their staple model and cut it into two so you can bring the fun anywhere. From early morning hikes before the lifts start spinning, to huge backcountry excursions, the Backwoods Split is gonna be the right choice for a wide range of uphill setups. This is a do everything, directional board that thrives in soft snow. A long nose and short tail make the board feel nimble in tight terrain and is the best shape for powder. 

The Backwoods Splitboard is a top choice for riders seeking out bowls, steeps, and tree lines but groomer rippers looking for a directional, surfy shape should also consider it. Resting on a camber platform, the Backwoods Split offers stability and grip even if you find yourself riding firm snowpack. The long nose and short tail are why it does such a good job in powder, but is also the reason this board loves to go in one direction. If you want something more freestyle friendly and capable of switch riding and check out the Jones Solution. The Weston Backwoods Splitboard is perfect for backcountry riders who want a board that can still do it all.

Who is this board for? Backcountry riders or aspiring backcountry riders who want peak powder performance. Riders who prefer a directional shape with a short tail and big rockered nose. 

Who isn't this board for? Backcountry riders who want a board that can ride both switch and regular comfortably. The Backwoods can do a lot but its shape is more limiting than something like a Jones Solution (closer to a twin shape). People who never plan on hiking up a mountain. 

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Tech Specs

  • Flex/ Mid Stiff (6 of 10)
  • Profile/ Camber
  • Added Materials/ Carbon
  • Built By/ GP87, China
  • Shape/ Directional
  • Core Materials/ Bamboo & Poplar (Slayer Split)
  • Designed By/ Weston, Colorado

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Easy on the ascent and more than ready to rip on the descent, the Backwoods Split is a board that thrives in the backcountry, steeps, trees, and powder.

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