Marker Squire ID Ski Bindings 2021


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Marker Squire ID Ski Bindings 2021


DIN Range: 4-11 // Weight: 765g per binding // Standing Height: 22mm

ISO 5355 // GripWalk // WTR Compatible

The Marker Squire ID is a lightweight and affordable binding option for the intermediate to advanced-intermediate skier.  The Squire is a part of the Royal Family so it has a wider platform for today's wider skis.  It's lightweight construction makes the Squire an excellent choice for young skiers that are lighter, or a skier that is looking to keep the weight down on a pair of skis. If you're not cranking your DIN's up after you get them adjusted at the shop, the Marker Squire should be plenty of binding.  Pick your favorite color way and the appropriate brake width (90mm or 110mm) and you'll be ready for an awesome season on the slopes. 


Is there a big difference between the regular (old) Squire and the Squire ID?

• Yes, The big difference has to do with the AFD (Anti-Friction Device) plate, the Squire ID is compatible with regular boot sole lugs (which have been around forever and most people currently have), Alpine Touring soles, Grip Walk and even WTR – though it’s not marketed that way.  The first generation Squire can only take regular Ski Boot lugs ISO 5355.  The reason to go Griffon ID is for the future, most boots are moving away from 5355 to Grip Walk, old Squire’s 2017 and earlier can’t take new boot sole norms.  Do yourself a favor and go ID, that way you will not be limited in what ski boots you can buy. 

• The toe height adjustment on the Squire ID is also much easier to use, it’s accesible.  This only makes a difference for those that work in a shop or are adjusting bindings to multiple boots.

Other than that the bindings function exactly the same.

Two Piece Heel

Material: Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic

Designed by: Marker // Built by: Marker, Czech Republic Factory

TLDR: Lightweight alpine binding that's easy to step into and will release when it's supposed to.

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