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K2 Mindbender 89 Ti Skis 2023

K2 Mindbender 89 Ti Skis 2023


The new Mindbender skis, from K2 Skis, are a MAJOR upgrade over previous Mindbender models. The older Mindbenders were demanding at low speeds and were difficult to steer in tight terrain unless you were an expert skier. The new Mindbender 89 Ti still has the same strong and powerful feel underfoot that previous models had but in a much more accessible build. The 89 Ti grips really well on firm snow and actually has some energy, snap and a smooth feel, unlike previous Mindbenders. Turn initiation is great and it doesn't take a whole lot of work to get them up on edge. Tails are easy enough to release if you wanted to take these through a bump run or tighter terrain but these skis prefer hard snow and groomers. If you like a confident and powerful feeling ski the Mindbender 89ti checks those boxes. If you're a less experienced skier don't let the history these skis have scare you away anymore. 

Tech Specs:

  • Radius: 16.6m @ 182
  • Weight: 2003g @ 182
  • Profile: Rocker - Camber - Rocker
  • Dimensions: 130 - 89 - 114 @ 184
  • Core Materials: Aspen
  • Added Materials: Titanal
  • Designed By: K2 Skis
  • Built By: K2 Skis

$399.00 Orig. $699.95

Save $300.95 for a Limited Time Only!
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  • 164

An all mountain ski that like groomers. Good power underfoot and a confidence inspiring feel. Way to go K2, this is much better.

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