Elan Ripstick 96 Skis 2020

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Elan Ripstick 96 Skis 2020


r: 18 meters @ 181 centimeters // weight: 1590 grams @ 181 centimeters // Rocker-Camber-Rocker

134 - 96 - 113

This is as smooth as a 95 - 100 mm waist gets, typically skis with this much power don't feel super smooth going from edge to edge, they tend to feel like you're never quite in the right gear.  The Elan Ripstick 96 is a bit of a game changer in the sense that it's going to make tackling a lot of more technical runs a lot easier.  It's a ski you can hop on and don't go wow while you're on it, it's more you look back at your run and are like 'Holy Sh#t I just crushed that'.  

We have literally tested this ski in every condition, including absolutely horrible snow and it rips that too, something we can't say for all the skis that the Ripstick 96 compares to on paper.  You just feel like you constantly have traction and control over where the skis are going and they don't kick your ass in the process.  

PS. George and Eric are responsible for the name of this ski.

Poplar/Paulownia/Maple Core

Carbon Tubes 

Designed by: Elan // Built by: Elan, Slovenia

TLDR: For skiers that are sick of having heavy skis, but don't want to sacrifce versatility and grip.

Recommended Binding: The Elan Ripstick 96's do NOT include a binding, the best skis never do.

Tyrolia Attack 13 with 95 mm brake.

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