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Elan Ripstick 96 Skis 2024

The Elan Ripstick 96 offers incredible performance, grip, maneuverability, and predictability. It can be skied hard but isn't hard to ski, it inspires confidence, and it truly is one of the most versatile options in the all-mountain category. There's a reason it's one of our absolute favorite skis. Ever.

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Easy to turn, easy to balance and loaded with all mountain performance. Good skis are good skis.


The 2024 Elan Ripstick 96 is a ripping ski that will make any progressing skier feel more comfortable on skis. The reason is that it's so easy to ski. It's lightweight, predictable, easy to balance on, and initiates a turn effortlessly. As soon as you want to make a turn, it wants to too. What sets it apart from some other approachable options is its ability to handle more advanced skiing as well. It's not a powerful ski, so it's not going to maintain the same composure at speed compared to some other options in this category, but where it stands out is in its maneuverability, liveliness, and overall off-trail performance. It takes nothing to pivot and weave through tighter terrain, and 96mm of waist width provides solid performance in softer snow. On trail, it doesn't feel nervous or loud and it grips well, but if high-speed performance is a priority you should look into the Ripstick's more burly brother the Ripstick 96 Black Edition. The regular Ripstick 96 still feels more confident and grips better than any ski in its weight class, and its speed limit is not easy to find. What we like about the Ripstick 96 is that it rips everything and takes less work to do so. If you're aspiring to be a better skier, this could be the final piece to the puzzle right here. 

Who's this ski for? Progressing skiers who want something that's easy to ski and don't care about conditions. 

Who isn't this ski for? Skiers who mainly prioritize performance on groomers and hard pack, especially at high speeds. The Ripstick is more than capable of hanging, but if that's a main priority check out something stiffer and more narrow. 

Recommended Binding: Marker Griffon ID with 100 mm brake

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Tech Specs

  • Radius/ 18m @ 180
  • Profile/ Rocker - Camber - Rocker
  • Core Materials/ Poplar, Paulownia
  • Designed By/ Elan
  • Weight/ 1650g @ 180
  • Dimensions/ 136 - 96 - 110 @ 180
  • Added Materials/ Carbon, Fiberglass
  • Built By/ Elan

The Test Crew

We test products year round in order to curate the best gear for you.

If you want one of the best skis for cruising (or crushing) the resort (or backcountry) the Elan Ripstick 96 is the choice. It works really well for a huge range of skiing abilities and terrain. There aren't many skis out there that are this well-rounded.

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