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Atomic Maverick 95 Ti Skis 2025

An awesome ski that is comfortable over a large variety of terrain. It carves a mean turn and feels strong without ever feeling sluggish or demanding if you like to make quicker turns or ski in tighter terrain. This ski lives on a few of our testers' top tested lists.


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This ski offers an immense power to weight ratio. The grip, versatility, and a killer graphic come together to make an awesome all-mountain ski.


The Atomic Maverick is still one of the most impressive skis in the mid-90s all-mountain category and is a Ski Monster top-tested ski, especially for East Coast skiing. It does everything you want an all-mountain ski to do, and nothing you don't. It's powerful when you want it to be, it's smooth and stable at high speeds and over dicier or icier terrain all while maintaining great performance off-trail or in softer snow. The Maverick has a shockingly light and nimble feel underfoot for a ski that offers this much power; the power-to-weight ratio is truly incredible. Usually skis that feel this effortless and quick at low speeds can feel nervous and don't inspire much confidence when they are pushed harder; the Maverick doesn't follow those rules. For less experienced skiers, the Maverick is easy to balance on and has good energy which makes you feel like a stronger, more confident skier. Expert skiers will love the easily accessible power and appreciate how stable and strong the ski feels in and out of turns. The only downside to a ski this versatile is that it's not outstanding at any one thing, so if you're looking for a ski more specialized for carving or something more soft snow/off-trail capable there may be better options. But if you want something that can tackle just about any scenario you throw its way, the Maverick 95 should be on your radar. 

Who is this ski for? Skiers who want a more directional ski that offers awesome on-trail performance without sacrificing a whole lot of ability in softer snow or tighter terrain. A true weapon for all-mountain skiing. 

Who isn't this ski for? Skiers who like more playful skis or skiers who only spend time on groomers.

What's the difference between an Atomic Maverick and an Atomic Bent? The Bent series is more playful, pivots easier, and is more capable in softer, deeper snow. The Maverick is more directional, more powerful, and grips better but isn't as maneuverable.   

Recommended Binding: Marker Griffon ID with 100 mm brake

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Tech Specs

  • Radius/ 19.3m @ 180
  • Profile/ Rocker - Camber - Rocker
  • Core Materials/ Poplar
  • Designed By/ Atomic
  • Weight/ 1800g @ 180
  • Dimensions/ 129 - 94.5 - 113mm @ 180
  • Added Materials/ Titanal // Fiberglass
  • Built By/ Atomic

The Test Crew

We test products year round in order to curate the best gear for you.

If you're looking for a ski to take you from groomers to trees or East to West without ever feeling out of place the Maverick 95 is an awesome option. Skiers will love the composed yet energetic feel the ski has underfoot regardless of conditions or skill.

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