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Where to Wakeboard: New England

Posted May 16, 2012 @ 12:41pm | by Eric Gerrmann

The New England area has some awesome places to drop in the boat, fill up the ballast and shred some wake. I’m sure there are countless fresh water spots that I have yet to encounter, but these are five riding locations that I have experienced and found very enjoyable. When pondering the question, “Where to wakeboard this summer?”, take these places into account and add them to your wakeboarding wish list.

Sebago Lake Maine, Where to wakeboard

Sebago Lake / Long Lake, Maine

Long Lake, located in southern Maine, is eleven miles long and is perfect for long wakeboard passes. It is located directly north of Sebago Lake, which is the deepest and second largest lake in Maine. Given its proximity to Sebago, a popular tourist destination for weekend lake goers, Long Lake is much quieter and always has excellent riding conditions no matter what time of day. Long Lake feeds into Sebago, so when your done riding head south through the river and explore one of Maine’s most popular summer spots.

Lake Winnipesaukee New Hampshire, Where to wakeboard

Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire

Winnipesaukee is New Hampshire’s largest lake and is centrally located for easy access across New England. On the weekends most of the lake gets rough because of epic boating fails, but the east side of the lake features awesome places to ride. Wolfboro Bay and Johnson Cove usually have excellent water for riding. Both bays offer a sweet backdrop of New Hampshire’s landscape and are ideal for both wakeboarding and wakesurfing.

Lake Sunapee New Hampshire, Where to wakeboard

Lake Sunapee, New Hampshire

Located off of Interstate 89 in central New Hampshire, Lake Sunapee is a gorgeous lake that is perfect for wakeboarding! It is a large lake with small boats, making good water easy to find. With Mount Sunapee ski area filling up the skyline, there are some awesome passes to be had all over this lake. Inboard boats are very popular on Lake Sunapee, which means everyone is there to do one thing, Shred Gnar!

Merrimack River, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Where to wakeboard

Merrimack River - Massachusetts / New Hampshire

The Merrimack River is 117 miles long and flows from Franklin, NH to Newburyport, MA. There are many different sections of the Merrimack that are optimal for wakeboarding. The river has multiple dams, which make the boating sections extremely quiet and super glassy. The coolest thing about wakeboarding on a river is that there is no need to turn. This makes for ideal conditions when practicing a certain trick.

Long Pond Dracut, MA, Where to wakeboard

Long Pond - Dracut, MA

Long Pond is a small lake in Northeast Massachusetts that is perfect for any water sport activity, especially wakeboarding. This small little body of water is a New England wakeboarder's paradise. The lake is home to small boats, rockless water and perfect glass conditions. Its size is ideal for pulling long passes and setting up huge double-ups. Long Pond is a place where wakeboard progression happens everyday on the water.

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