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Sick of the word “unprecedented” STILL showing up in nearly every email you get these days? Us to. However, we want you to feel safe when you come to TSM and we want to protect our crew as well. Our new appointment based system has been working extremely well on both counts. But not all people are looking for that intimate one on one experience when they shop. 


We know a bootfit or shopping for the perfect skis are customarily experiences where you enjoy working with an expert to make sure you are investing in what’s best for you. However, for some, clothing shopping tends to be a more of a “Me Time” experience.


Let’s clear up some reservations you may have about booking a clothing shopping appointment.

At The Ski Monster, we want you to feel stoked and comfortable about being here. 


If you are the kind of person who wants a one-on-one masked experience with a staff member, talking favorite ski trips, coolest après, all while picking out styles and helping you create the raddest, warmest, steeziest, cutest, or most AT ready outfit –we are here for you!


Or, if you are the kind of person that just wants to browse and take your time (alone!) looking through our inventory, we got you!

"The Kid" - a fashion icon.  


When you schedule your appointment at the Ski Monster – to get that one-on-one dedicated time with one of our experienced staff members - select Personal Shopper (30 and 60 MIN appointments available) You and your guest will receive the VIP treatment and we will make sure you leave totally psyched on your kit, helmet, goggles, or other accessories.

If you want a little more space – select Clothing and Accessories Shopping and let the staff member you are booked with know you want to shop on your own for a bit. We will check in on you periodically and pull the sizes you would like to try on while you get the entire clothing section almost to yourself.

If you have any questions on the appointment process or which experience is best for you, hit up our customer service team via Live Chat or call 617-277-7770 or click here to book an appointment online.


The lowdown on our other appointments:


New Ski Setup (1hr 30min) When you need the the whole deal – Skis, Bindings and Boot Fit 

New Ski Boots (1hr 10min) When you just need new boots

New Skis (30 min) When you are ready to talk about new skis (and bindings!)

Ski Boots – Liner Mold (30 min) When you just need to mold those liners

New Ski Bindings (30 min) When you just need a new pair of bindings

New Snowboard Setup (1hr) When you need the full snowboard kit, Board, Boots, and Bindings

New Snowboard Boots (40 min) Already have the board, just for when you need a new pair of boots

New Snowboard (30 min) When you've got the boots but need just the board and/or bindings. 

Custom Boot Work (45 min) When your feet hurt or you need some work done on those new or old ski boots.


All sales appointments can be booked for up to two people and your ski/snowboard sales appointment includes a mount/adjust on the spot!


TUNING: All Services done on the spot and take between 10-30mins *Some exclusions may apply

Ski Mount Adjust/Repair

Ski/Snowboard Tuning/Repairs 



Customer Service/Warranty & Returns

Order Pick-Up




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