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Ski Movie Review: Sweetgrass Productions Valhalla

Posted September 15, 2013 @ 5:48pm | by Beau Schwab

valhall sweetgrass productionsUsually Steve does our ski movie reviews but I just have to steal some thunder for this one, sorry Steve.

I’m coming in hot for my first blog west of the Mississippi as a newly formed resident of the state of Colorado. Believe it or not I didn’t come out here because the dope is the dopest although I could spit to the nearest dispensary from my new address. Speaking of dope, I went to the World Premiere of Sweetgrass Productions “Valhalla” at the Paramount Theater in downtown Denver on Friday night and It was one of the most rad, ‘er should I say dope, ski movies I have ever seen.

To put it simply, Valhalla is Sweetgrass’ fourth coming production, a two-year project that came together beautifully. Before I dive into the oo’s and ah’s of the film I need to point out some simple ambiance features that really increased the stoke levels.

1. Sweetgrass has a killer old school bus that was parked out front of the theater, which screams, “You’re going to have a good time”.
2. Multiple options of 24oz. Tall Boys
3. Free Powder Magazine handouts, and a big representation by Flylow, Dynafit and Outdoor Research with an awesome raffle set up.
4. Live National Anthem guitar solo to celebrate the dawn of a new season.

valhalla national anthem from Burton schwab on Vimeo.

Valhalla tells a fictional story of a man seeking the lost magic of winters past. He drives deep into the north in an attempt to find what he seeks. Abandoning his broken down Volkswagon bug our seeker skins into the woods and finds the winter dreamland, Valhalla. A Lawless place where the snow is always deep, and winter-seeking nomads from all walks of life have landed in a sort of tent city, pillow-slashing wonderland.

The close up skiing and riding shots are out of this world and the fictional story line keeps you enraptured from the first moments of the film to the bitter end. The film has a very of-the-earth feeling complete with a psychedelic night ride-snow dance scene.

I don’t want to reveal too much but I will admit this one is a definite purchase for my personal ski movie collection. Sweetgrass added something so refreshing to the real documentation of skiing and snowboarding while remaining down to earth, creating a phenomenal fictional storyline.

Bravo Sweetgrass.

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