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Tecnica Mach1 LV 130 Ski Boots 2025

The Tecnica Mach1 130 LV is built for performance and power. It has a true low-volume fit, arguably one of the most precise-fitting boots money can buy, making it a great option for skiers who want ultimate performance and fit. If you're an expert or aggressive skier who values performance this is one of the best options.


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The Mach1 130 LV provides unmatched fit and performance for skiers who value power and control.


The Mach1 LV 130 is at the pinnacle of ski boot performance, available to the mass market. It punches above its weight class and you'd be hard-pressed to find a boot that can compete against it. The only other boots that live in this category that we carry are the Atomic Redster CS 130 and the Head Raptor 140. Expert skiers or aggressive skiers will appreciate the power, stability, and responsiveness this boot provides out on the slopes. The Mach1 130 LV has a smooth flex pattern and compared to previous versions of the boot it has a more well-rounded and accessible power band thanks to an update to the "T-Drive" system on the spine. The older Mach 130 could feel "blocky" at certain points or numb to input, not the new one. This is the boot you need if you want to be able to access all the performance your skis have to offer. This is a more aggressive skiing boot that wants a skier who is able and willing to drive skis with intent and purpose. However, for a boot that skis this well it isn't unbearable to be in all day. A few of our testers use this boot and they all rave about the performance it has to offer, Tecnica has one of the best skiing boots on the market in the Mach1 130 LV. 

Bootfitter's notes:

The Mach1 130 LV is one of the more aggressive fitting boots out there -- it's also one of the easiest boots to modify around problematic areas of the foot. Out of the box, it will feel a bit short and there will be some excess pressure on the 1st and 5th met-heads this will resolve quickly with a liner mold. The heel and ankle area may also feel awkward until the liner is molded and the boot is more broken in. The instep area is firm but will even out quickly or with some modification to the bootboard or tongue position. If you're a skier looking for performance there aren't many boots out there that can offer this precise of a fit in a 98mm last. Great boot with an unrivaled fit. 

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Tech Specs

  • Weight/ 2000g @ 26.5
  • Liner/ C.A.S. Liner (Heat Moldable0
  • Boot Sole/ Gripwalk
  • Designed By/ Tecnica
  • Last/ 98mm
  • Cuff Style/ 2 Piece Overlap
  • Shell Materials/ PU
  • Built By/ Tecnica

The Test Crew

We test products year round in order to curate the best gear for you.

Try to find a boot that fits and skis as well as the Mach1 130 LV, it's tough. Stability, power, and precision make a killer recipe for one of the best ski boots on the market. Tecnica builds a mean boot.

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