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Smith I/O MAG Goggles

Smith I/O MAG Goggles


Magnetic Lens Change System // Medium Fit // Porex Filter

Smith is known for making great quality goggles and they've outdone themselves this time. What sets these goggles apart from the rest is the Magnetic Lens Change System which allows you to easily pop in and out different lenses. For anyone who is skiing the all day and into the night or someone looking at bright sunshine on one side of the mountain and dark clouds on the other, you'll be able to simply change out lenses for different conditions so you don't miss a second of your day. The Smith I/O Goggles have been pretty widely regarded as the best goggles around for years, and now you combine that with a lens change system that is comparable to Anon, in terms of ease of use, and you get yourself something really, really, sick. With Smith's TLT, 5X anti fog, and AirEvac lenses, you'll never be worried about foggy goggles. Crystal. Clear. Vision. Only.

Smith also makes the I/O MAG Goggles in an Asian Fit as well, with more padding over the nose to accommodate a flatter nose bridge. 


Smith I/O MAG vs. I/O MAG S vs. I/O MAG XL - What's the scoop?

It's right in the title, all three goggles have the same technology and magnetic system, only difference is the size. The MAG is your regular fit, the MAG S is smaller and is sometimes marketed as a women's-specific model because of the smaller frame size, and then the MAG XL is the biggest frame with the most expansive field of vision. 

What about the I/O MAGs vs. the Smith 4D MAG?

These two are different goggles, but they are still similar. Both have the same magnetic change system, but the 4D MAGs are a little bit more rounded at the bottom of the lens to allow slightly more field of vision at the bottom. Apart from that they're pretty much the same, but if you feel like paying $50 extra for a different lens shape then go with the 4D.

AirEvac Technology

5x Anti-Fog Inner Lens

3 Layer DriWax Face Foam

TLDR: The world's best goggle just got the world's easiest lens-exchange system. 


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