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Smith I/O MAG Goggles

A classic ski goggle that gets the job done. Complete with an easy magnetic lens change system, anti-fog lenses, 2 lenses (high and low light) and a sleek style — these goggles are on top for a reason.


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Includes microfiber goggle bag with replacement lens sleeve.


Smith is known for making great quality goggles and the I/O MAG is no exception. This goggle has gained popularity in recent years and for good reason. What sets these goggles apart is the Magnetic Lens Change System, which allows you to pop in and out different lenses easily. When you find yourself looking at bright sunshine on one side of the mountain and dark clouds on the other, you'll be able to simply change out lenses for different conditions, so you don't miss a second of your day. The Smith I/O MAG Goggles have been pretty widely regarded as the best goggles around for years, and now you combine that with a lens change system that is comparable to Anon, in terms of ease of use, and you get yourself something really, really, sick. You'll never be worried about foggy goggles with Smith's TLT, 5X anti-fog, and AirEvac lenses. Crystal. Clear. Vision. Only.

Smith also makes the I/O MAG Goggles in a Low Bridge model with more padding over the nose to accommodate a flatter nose bridge. For a smaller lens check out the Smith I/O MAG S and for a larger one check out the I/O MAG XL — same exact goggles, just a different lens size. 


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Tech Specs

  • Frame Size/ Medium
  • Quick Change/ Yes
  • Spare Lens/ Yes
  • Notable Features/ Magnetic Lens Change System // Medium Fit // Porex Filter

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The Smith I/O MAG Goggle is simply one of the brand's best. These lenses have superior vision quality and the wide range of color options keeps things feeling fresh. You can't go wrong with an I/O MAG, they are always a staple in our ski bag. Simple, effective, and stylish.

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