Nordica Enforcer 100 Skis 2020

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Nordica Enforcer 100 Skis 2020


r: 16.5 meters @ 177 centimeters // weight: 2200 grams @ 185 centimeters // Rocker-Camber-Rocker

133 - 100 - 121

Test Locations: Big Sky MT, Mt. Washington NH, Aspen CO and pretty much every where in New England..

We've spent a solid amount of time on these skis for the last 4 seasons.   There is a reason the Enforcer 100’s sell out every year, over and over again -- the skis are insanely sick!  What sets the Enforcer apart is it's ability to tell the snow where to go instead of the snow telling the ski where to go.  The 2015-2016 was rough in New England snow conditions varied like we hadn't ever seen before, but the Enforcer 100 made those days way more fun than expected.  A good measure for a ski is how well it skis when conditions suck, the Enforcer 100 kills it.

If you could only own one pair of skis and you want to be prepared for whatever the conditions may be, the Enforcer 100 is your insurance policy.  You'll have more fun, no matter what.


How does the Bonafide and Enforcer compare?

In comparison to the Bonafide the Enforcer's are going to be grippier on the frontside and be able to blast through the crud more effectively.  The Bonafide's will feel a little washier in the tails which some might really like for skiing in the glades, you want grip go Enforcer if you want even more grip go Volkl Mantra.  Now if you go Mantra, you will have less float, the least amount among the Bonafide or Enforcer, the Mantra is also the heaviest.

Has the Enforcer 100 changed since it came out in 2016?

No it hasn’t, only graphics have changed.

Which ski is better for New England; Enforcer 100 or Enforcer 93?

Honestly that depends on what you like to do more and where you prioritize performance.  The shovel of the Enforcer is 7 mm wider than the 93, wider skis have less torsional rigidity but more float, the Enforcer 93 will grip better on harder snow, it will not chatter as easily.  If you want more grip (spend most of your time on groomers) go with the Enforcer 93, more float (out west trips, searching for fresh snow) go Enforcer 100.  The skis are the same construction just different widths, difference isn’t huge, most of us here would ski the Enforcer 100.  

Beech/Poplar Core

Titanal + Purepreg Carbon

Designed by: Nordica // Built by: Nordica/Blizzard, Austria Factory

TLDR: Built for experts, that want frontside performance on wider waisted ski that can hang with the best of em off trail too.

Recommended Binding: The Nordica Enforcer 100's do NOT include a binding, the best never do.

Tyrolia Attack 13 95 mm or Marker Griffon ID 100 mm

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