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Nordica Enforcer 100 Skis 2021

Nordica Enforcer 100 Skis 2021


r: 17.3 meters @ 179 centimeters // weight: 2100 grams @ 186 centimeters // Rocker-Camber-Rocker

132.5 - 100 - 120.5

Test Locations: Pico VT, Stowe VT.

We knew the day was coming, the Enforcer 100's were going to get overhauled. Unlike other brands we had faith in the product managers at Nordica to not mess up a good thing -- or should we say a great thing.  The 2021 Enforcer 100 has more horsepower than it's predecessor, the skis have an enormous amount of power coming out of the turn, not in an unpredictable way that knocks you in the back seat, it's like 'oh dang, we're doing this, ok, LFG!'.  Nordica did an excellent job of making the Enforcer 100 quieter feeling at speed without making the skis feel dead -- if anything they feel like they have more life to them.



How does the old Enforcer 100 (2020) compare to the new Enforcer 100 (2021)?

The 2021 Enforcer 100 is less nervous feeling than the first generation Enforcer 100.  The skis feel more confident without feeling less versatile, versatility levels are kept up while front side performance is increased.  They eat up ice better.

Beech/Poplar Core

Titanal + Purepreg Carbon

Designed by: Nordica // Built by: Nordica/Blizzard, Austria Factory

TLDR: Built for experts, that want front side performance on wider waisted ski that can hang with the best of em off trail too.

Recommended Binding: The Nordica Enforcer 100's do NOT include a binding, the best never do.

Marker Griffon ID 100 mm

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