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Line Chronic 101 Skis 2024

A light, nimble, energetic ski that crushes park laps and softer snow but is also down to be skied, playfully, all over the hill. It's also a really durable ski that can take a beating in the park.

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A wider-waisted ski that loves soft snow, park laps and to be slashed around the resort.


The all new Line Chronic 101 is a playful park ski that has the ability to be skied outside of the park. It's nimble, agile, quick edge to edge and is happy jibbing, slashing or airing it out just about anywhere there's snow. This isn't a ski you buy to lay over high edge angle carves on groomers, this is a ski that loves a playful skiing style and runs in some softer snow. Lightweight construction helps to keep the Chronics level of maneuverability at a 10/10 and helps to keep the swing weight down if you're spinning the skis right round, right round. Some park oriented skis don't have enough suspension or a strong enough construction to allow them to be skied outside of the park, the Chronic doesn't mind. In the trees or softer snow the Chronic is efficient and offers decent float to keep you gliding through more technical terrain. On groomers, these skis are energetic but don't offer a ton of suspension so they may feel a little harsh over really firm terrain at higher speeds. However, groomers aren't where the Chronics are designed to thrive. This is one of the more playful skis we carry and it's great at what it's built for. Soft snow, park laps, tree runs and leaving the ground. They're sick. 

Who is this ski for? Skiers who frequent the park, hunt for softer snow, and need some all-mountain capabilites. 

Who isn't this ski for? Aggressive skiers worried about stability at high speeds or skiers who know they are going to spend most of the day on groomers. If you ski in a GS suit this isn't the ski for you, probably. 

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Tech Specs

  • Radius/ 17m @ 179cm
  • Profile/ Rocker - Camber - Rocker
  • Core Materials/ Aspen
  • Designed By/ Line
  • Weight/ 2000g @ 179cm
  • Dimensions/ 130-101-124
  • Added Materials/ N/A
  • Built By/ K2

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If you're a skier with a more playful style of riding you'll love the Chronic 101. It can handle park laps, trips through the trees and hits off the side of the trail. It isn't built for high edge angle carves, it's built for jibbing, popping and soft snow scenarios.

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