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Kulkea Boot Trekker 70L Ski Boot Bag

A huge boot bag that has pockets galore. Not only keeps your boots safe and dry but has enough space for your pants, goggles, helmet, mid layers, hat, socks, jacket and snacks too. Just call it the one bag to rule them all.


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Organization at its finest.


The Kulkea Boot Trekker Ski Boot Bag is Kulkea's flagship product and it lives up to expectations. This bag is large — 70L to be exact — and it has specialized pockets for all your gear. This bag might be as organized as a ski bag gets. The interior of the Boot Trekker has a soft, lined goggle pocket for scratch protection and specialized glove pockets. That's pretty sweet. Kulkea also used more waterproof fabric on the side of the bag instead of just on the bottom so your stuff is sure to stay dry all day. The central gear pocket can fit ski pants, base layers, and all that good stuff. The Kulkea Boot Trekker also has a front helmet sling and fits ski boots up to size 31. That's one serious bag.



Tech Specs

  • Capacity/ 1 Pair of boots plus helmet/goggles/accessories -
  • Notable Features/ Side Boot Carry // 8 Pockets // Helmet Sling

Having a boot bag this good is the best way to keep your gear organized and get it to and from the lodge, hands down.

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