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G3 Alpinist+ Universal 145MM Climbing Skins

G3 Alpinist+ Universal 145MM Climbing Skins


Synthetic Nylon Plush // TPU Tip/Tail Clip // Best Cutter On The Market

The G3 Alpinist+ Universal 145MM Climbing Skins are the most versatile skins that will consistently provide effortless glide, amazing traction, and a super easy and secure attatchment. With a full nylon construction, these skins will provide a great balance of solid grip and smooth glide. The low-profile tip and tail connectors allow for lightweight connections and 16cm of length adjustability. The ‘pop-up’ feature on the tail connection makes removing your skins easier than ever before. The proprietary skin adhesive is formulated to be fully functional down to -22°F/-30°C and comes with a removable rip strip to reduce skin-to-skin adhesion, making it easier to pull them apart when its time to put them back on. Get out there this season and make sure to bring a reliable and efficient pair of skins that will get you higher, faster.

When selecting the correct skin width, you want it make sure they are equal to or greater than the widest part of your ski. The widest part is usually in the tip and you can generally find this measurement printed in millimeters somewhere on the ski. If your skis are close to a particular size and you are worried about over buying, remember that you will be cutting off roughly 3mm on each side to expose your edges.

Low-profile TPU tip connector with self-aligning stainless-steel hands reduces snow creep

Laminated tail strap with 16cm of length adjustment range, and 'pop up' feature to make it easier to remove your skins with gloves 

Premium Plush Nylon

PFOA Free waterproof treatment 

Includes G3 trim tool which makes it really easy to trim your skins 

Removable Ripstrip reduces skin-to-skin adhesion and can be removed to increase adhesion if your glue gets contaminated

TLDR: Great option for a wide varietly of snow types. 


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