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Elan Ripstick 94 W Black Edition Skis 2025 // Women's

Incredible performance and unmatched style... all at the same time. Who said you couldn't have it all? This is one of those skis that other manufacturers will try to copy. It carves like a more narrow ski while being nimble and wide enough to handle a huge variety of terrain. It's on our top-tested list for a reason. No wonder they call it a RIPstick.


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The Ripstick 94 W Black Edition is the "Little Black Dress" of skis. It works everywhere and is nearly unmatched in style.


The 2025 Elan Ripstick 94 W Black Edition is a killer option in the all-mountain category and a Ski Monster tester favorite. Compared to previous versions of the ski the new Ripstick 94 Black is more precise, more gripped, and less easily knocked around in variable terrain or snow types. Who would've thought Elan could continue to improve on a nearly perfect ski? On groomers, the 94 W Black feels solid underfoot and carries good power and energy from turn to turn. In tight technical terrain, you'll be thankful for the tapered tail shape and lightweight construction that allows the ski to feel agile and nimble. There are quite a few great women's specific skis on the market this season, the Ripstick 94 W has some really good competition, but Elan has done an awesome job cementing the Ripstick Black into the top tested skis of 2024/2025. If you're looking for a high-performance ski that isn't overbearing or difficult to ski this should be on your radar. An insane power-to-weight ratio continues to surprise us season after season when testing these skis. We're also impressed with how many different skier types with different abilities work on a Ripstick 94 W Black. It carves like a more narrow ski, has power like a much burlier ski, and is easy to balance for all skiers. It's tough to come up with a reason to not love this ski. 

Technology update:

Updated shape in the tip and tail of the ski (less easily knocked around in tough snow and a stronger feel in a turn.) "Carbon Deck Technology" introduces carbon fiber tubes close to the edge to improve strength. Elan also added "flax" in the tip.

Tested by


Tech Specs

  • Radius/ 14.8m @ 161cm
  • Profile/ Rocker - Camber - Rocker
  • Core Materials/ Poplar & Paulownia
  • Designed By/ Elan
  • Weight/ 1500g @ 168cm
  • Dimensions/ 129 - 94 - 109mm
  • Added Materials/ Titanal // Fiberglass
  • Built By/ Elan

The Test Crew

We test products year round in order to curate the best gear for you.

If you want a true all mountain ski that can carve solid turns on groomers then handle a technical tree run without skipping a beat the Ripstick 94 Black is the answer. It's more stable than its predecessor and works for almost every skier out there. Try and find a scenario the Ripstick doesn't crush.

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