REWIND: Summer 2011

Winter is the best, but summer is a lot of fun too. Here's a glimpse of what summer is like for The Ski Monster Staff

The Floatilla at Big Island on Lake Minnetonka, Photo taken from TSM's boat.
George surfing, Eric (Driving)
Sunday Funday.
Tapping the rockies
Summer's version of a powder day... GLASS
George doing yoga on the surf board
George Slashing
Eric getting deep into the wash
Eric Lipslidin
George and Craig Battling
Beau getting some slalom runs in
Deadmau5 at HOB Boston
Deadmau5' Light show is insane
Sunset Sesh
Night surfing.. one of the coolest things you can do.
Night Wakeboarding.. One of the scariest things you can do
MasterCraft X-2 Wakesurf wave
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