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Vans Infuse Snowboard Boots 2024

A boot made for the most savage riding. Stiff, stable, and ready to charge. Hybrid lacing/Boa system gives you plenty of control over the fit and keeps the feeling in your heel precise. Flex control gives you the option to keep the boot stiffer or go a little softer. Either way it's ready to rip.

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It's hard to tell whether performance or comfort was the priority with this one.


The Vans Infuse is built for hard chargers and big senders. It's a boot that's generated a bit of a reputation over the years, which makes sense when you figure out the big names that have been associated with it. Originally designed for snowboard legend and big air enthusiast Pat Moore in its early iterations, and revamped and upgraded to be tailored to Arthur Luongo's riding style in 2021. If you know anything about Moore or Luongo, you can imagine what type of riding this boot is meant to withstand. Fast, aggressive, and freestyle minded. It's just stiff enough to handle a lot of force but has enough forgiveness for playful freestyle riding too. 

While the Infuse is a stiffer boot, it's equipped with Vans' Flex Control System that can be removed and put back in depending on if you want more flex or stiffness. At its stiffest, it feels stable, aggressive, and responsive. Adjust it to be softer and you'll feel more forgiveness and comfort. The boot's also loaded with top-shelf features such as the Vans UltraCush waterproof liner, and their POPCUSH footbed. The Infuse provides a good balance of comfort and performance. You also have a stabilizing external heel counter and two-piece molded plastic toe cap with a knurled rubber overlay for protection and grip while hiking or on your sled. With these added comfort features the Infuse has it all. Maximum comfort and performance. It's time to level up. 

Bootfitter's notes:

The Infuse is equipped with laces on the front of the boot, and a Boa on the side, which is good because the side Boa is key to dialing that heel fit. The Infuse fits ridiculously well out of the box, especially the more narrow your foot is. A thick, forgiving liner wraps your whole foot in a precise manner, with some shape in the heel to maximize lock. Anyone with a narrow or regular foot won't find any surprises when they put this on. Actually, they might be surprised at how good it feels. Anyone with a wider foot will find that the boot feels snug out of the box, but they'll also find that the liner has more give than boots from other brands. It runs true to size and has a super consistent feel throughout. Between this and another narrow boot like the Burton Photon, the fit and performance are similar, but you'll find that the Infuse feels more comfortable out of the box, and takes less to break in. The reason for this is the Photon is equipped with a denser liner. On the flip side, because the Burton liner is more dense, it's not going to pack out as quickly. 

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Tech Specs

  • Flex/ Medium-Stiff (7 out of 10)
  • Liner/ V3 Ultracush with TNF FlashDry Liner
  • Built By/ Vans, China Factory
  • Lacing/ Hybrid Lacing with side Boa
  • Designed By/ Vans

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A high-performance boot from Vans built for riders who like to ride fast and go big. An adjustable medium-stiff flex will make sure the boots perform exactly the way you want them to. It's confident and more than capable wherever you take it. LFG!

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