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Tyrolia Protector PR 13 GW Ski Bindings 2024

A binding designed to help reduce the risk of knee injury. It feels nearly identical to a traditional downhill binding and the performance loss compared to regular binding is nominal. If you've had a knee injury in the past or are just trying to reduce the chance of a knee injury while you ski, this is the binding you need.


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This is the binding you get when you are trying to reduce the chance of knee injuries while skiing.


The Tyrolia Protector PR 13 is a brand new binding for the 22/23 ski season. The goal of this binding is to reduce the risk of knee injuries that can occur in the event of a fall while skiing. While the toe piece of this binding operates the same way as a traditional ski binding, the heel piece offers both horizontal and vertical release which is different from traditional ski bindings. This technology in the heel piece allows for a decreased risk of knee injury especially backward twisting fall situations. As far as pure performance goes this isn't quite up to par with traditional downhill bindings but if you've suffered knee injury before or want to be sure to decrease your risk of injury as much as possible while skiing, the Tyrolia Protector PR 13 is the move. While this binding does lower the risk of some knee injuries they're still possible, it's skiing. 

This binding is based on Tyrolia's PowerRail system and can be mounted onto any flat ski or skis that have a preexisiting Tyrolia PowerRail system on them.

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Tech Specs

  • DIN Range/ 4-13
  • Standing Height/ 32mm
  • Built By/ Tyrolia
  • Weight/ 2860 g
  • Designed By/ Tyrolia

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It's easy to step into, works for skiers of all ability levels, and is currently the best binding on the market if you want to keep the chance of knee injuries at a minimum.

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