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Scott Team Issue Ski Poles



The Scott Team Issue pole is the best pole. If you've never had the joy of using one, you need to buy a pair right now. Honestly, there isn't a stronger pole, and the reason you see so many old Scott Poles on the mountain is because their series 4 aluminum is indescructible.  Enough about how strong the pole is.... The Team Issue poles have the best grips and straps in the ski pole game.  That may sound silly but when you've been using a Scott series 4 pole for years, and you accidently leave them at home, and you have to borrow or buy another pair... it's not a good time.  

Questions on Ski Pole Sizing? Figure out your correct size here!


Series 4 Aluminum Alloy - 18 mm Diameter - This shaft is aircraft-grade aluminum. It's incredibly strong and is completely bomb proof. If you are hard on your ski poles, Scott's Series 4 Aluminum will stand up to the challenge.

PSI Rating - Twice as strong as the industry standard. 75,000 PSI.


Notch Strike Grip - Anatomically engineered using soft thermoplastic rubber and polypropylene (whatever that means). Provides comfort and superior grip-ability. What more do you need?

SRS Strap - If pulled sharply upwards (during hard crashes or in case of avalanche), the strap quickly releases. Also, super comfy on the wrist.


3.6 Disc Basket - 60 mm Diameter Powder Basket - 90mm Diameter

Additional Awesomeness

Carbon Diamond Tip - Three times stronger than steel! Ensures traction on ice and parking lot pavement! 

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