Salomon Shift Binding Crampon


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Salomon Shift Binding Crampon


Sizes Offerred: 100mm & 120mm // Weight: 113g Per Crampon // Steel Pin

Atomic Shift, Salomon Shift, Armada Shift Compatible

The new Shift Bindings are groudbreaking, and if you have any intention of breaking even more ground, these are your ticket. Specifically built for the new Shift Bindings from Salomon, Atomic, and Armada, these crampons will mount just in front of the AFD at a 90 degree angle and then fall flat on the ski. Made of aluminum with a steel pin they are lightweight and durable. There is no better option for your new bindings if you will be skinning through icy conditions or areas that require a little more grip, so now it's time for you to!

The Atomic Shift, Armada Shift and Salomon Shift are exactly the same, just different color paint.

*Only compatible with the three bindings listed above.

Easy Slide-In Pin

Material: Aluminum & Stainless Steel

Designed by: Salomon // Built by: Amer, Germany Factory

TLDR: Built specifically for the Shift Binding, this crampon will give you the extra grip you need in certain situations.

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