Ride CL-4 Snowboard Bindings 2021 // Women's


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Ride CL-4 Snowboard Bindings 2021 // Women's


Flex: Medium // Chassis: Composite // Compatibility: 2x4, 4x4, and The Channel

The perfect ladies specific snowboard binding design makes the NEW Ride CL-4 the ultimate all-mountain female performer. A composite chassis ignites a stable feeling across any terrain or snow condition at a fraction of the weight compared to aluminum. The Slimeback highback provides super smooth turning and unrivaled response. The CL-4 will take ability to control your snowboard to levels you never thought possible and help elevate your performance from pretty good to pretty great. Pick up Ride's CL-4 Bindings so you can finally replace your old ones for better days with more fun.

One Piece Ankle Strap

Canted Footbed

Designed By: Ride // Built By: K2 Sports, China Factory

TLDR: Built for the all-mountain rider, the CL-4 provides the extra response you need to take your riding to the next level.

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