Ride A-6 Snowboard Bindings 2021


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Ride A-6 Snowboard Bindings 2021


Flex: Mid-Flex// Chassis: Aluminum // Compatility: 2x4, 4x4, and The Channel

Full send is your MO on the hill, in the park, or at the bar. Doesn't matter how big, how far or how deep. Your friends may not understand how you send it all over the mountain, but you know that your Ride A-6 Bindings make the difference. The aluminium chasis can handle the send you can throw down when charging hard or touching down. Slimeback Highback is vertically stiff for the power, but side-to-side is more flexible for all the jumping and jibbing you can't get enough of. Responsiveness is what you need when it's time to shred, the combination from the highback through the chasis and up to the straps keeps you in control. The new Ride A-6 Snowboard Bindings are here to get the job done no matter where you like to get after it.

Pro Tip: Not into freestyle and more into high speed carves. Check out the Ride A-8 Snowboard Bindings. Stiffer, more power, more control.

Two Piece Ankle Strap

Linkage Ratchets

Designed By: Ride // Built By: K2 Sports, China Factory

TLDR: The A-6 bindings are for riders who spend enough time in the park as they do on trail. Mid-flex performance also makes it suitable for someone getting into their first setup.

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