Nordica ProMachine 105 W Ski Boots 2021 // Women's


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Nordica ProMachine 105 W Ski Boots 2021 // Women's


Flex: 105 // weight: 1690 grams @ 24.5 centimeters // 98 mm last @ 26.5

ISO 5355

It doesn't get as much hype as the Atomic Hawx Ultra or the Salomon S/Max, but the Nordica ProMachine is an absolute ripper of a ski boot and is definitely in the same category. They've got a great feel in terms of connection to the ski, Nordica makes a 115 as well, so the 105 isn't the stiffest boot in the line, but make no mistake this is an expert level boot that can bend a stiff ski. All of Nordicas boots are really easy to work on from a customization perspective, to some extent that's true from every brand at this point, but Nordicas are still some of of the best. Lastly, and most importantly, the fit is absolute money. It's locked in the heel, snug but not grabby around the achilles, and doesn't feel quite as narrow up front as most other LV boots do, Don't be scared away by the 98mm last, this is a boot that any skier looking to step up their game can get into. 

Polyurethane Shell + Polyurethane Cuff 

2 Piece Overlap

Designed by: Nordica // Built by: Nordica, Italian Factory

How's the Fit: One of the most precise feeling boots on your achilles, true to last, true to length.

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