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Nordica Dobermann Multigara DC Skis 2025

They say that "there's no friends on powder day." This is a ski you want if you live by "no friends on groomer day." If you have friends on groomer day, they'll wish they had this ski you're the one clicked in and carving perfect turns. It's powerful without feeling sluggish and it offers awesome grip even on the steepest groomers. If carving is your jam, this is the ski you want. This is such a good ski for groomers you might even wish for every day to be a groomer day... who needs pow days anyway?


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A carving ski that's powerful, precise, smooth and stable. A true weapon on groomer days.


This ski looks fast because it is fast. It's built for one thing, slicing up groomers like a Thanksgiving turkey, and man is it good. The Dobermann Multigara is about as close to a race ski as you can get before you actually buy a race ski. It's precise and powerful, but also nimble and agile enough to handle groomers that aren't perfect or late spring snow that's heavy and wet. It's narrow enough to roll quickly from edge to edge and provide great grip while being just wide enough to power over the less than desirable snow you might encounter on the day to day at the resort. One reason why you want a ski like this might be that you have a ski that does everything (all mountain) but now you want a ski for just crushing groomers and carving sick turns. The reason why we like this particular groomer ski is because it isn't a difficult ski to feel confident on. A beginner skier would probably have a tough time adjusting to it; however, if you're comfortable linking turns together you should be able to get a handle on the Dobermann pretty quickly. More advanced skiers will love this ski. Power, precision, and a limitless feel regardless of how hard you push them. It's got power that can be tapped into easily and it's agile enough to make a variety of turn shapes. The Dobermann does prefer medium radius turns but you can get them to run long if you like to make big, swooping carves on wide-open groomers. 

Who is this ski for? More advanced skiers looking for a carving ski. Not every ski needs to be good at everything; it's okay to get a ski that is specialized for groomers. 

Who isn't this ski for? Beginner skiers who aren't comfortable carving or linking turns together. Skiers who spend time off-trail or in deep snow don't want this ski either. This is for groomer skiing. 

Bindings are included (X-Cell 14) // FDT Race Plate Pro 

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Tech Specs

  • Radius/ 15m @ 170
  • Profile/ Camber
  • Core Materials/ Wood Core // Pulse Core
  • Designed By/ Nordica
  • Weight/ 4000g @ 170 (Pair)
  • Dimensions/ 121 - 70 - 101 @ 170
  • Added Materials/ Titanal
  • Built By/ Nordica

The Test Crew

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If you want a specialized ski for crushing groomers this is one of the best. A powerful and responsive feel with enough agility to handle different turn shapes and less than desirable snow. It isn't the most difficult ski to balance on and is intuitive but beginner skiers might be better off on a ski that's more forgiving. Carve away.

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