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Never Summer Peacemaker Snowboard 2020

Never Summer Peacemaker Snowboard 2020


Flex: Soft // Shape: Twin // Profile: Camber-Rocker-Camber

Never Summer has been making legendary freeride snowboards for nearly as long as people have been strapping their feet to a single plank, but with Dylan Alito’s pro model the Peacemaker there’s now a freestyle deck in that same legendary category. The combination of rocker with a super soft flex through the middle of the board makes everything from butters to jibs to presses smoother than you’ve ever imagined. The other nice thing about that soft flex is it makes the board an absolute blast whipping quick turns through trees and floating in deep powder - something we were not expecting but super stoked about when we found out. If you’re trying to hit speeds on icy steeps than it’ll feel too soft, but it does stiffen up a bit towards the tip and the tail which gives you a ton of snap for takeoffs. If your true calling is freestyle sending whether in the terrain park or not then the Never Summer Peacemaker is a must.

Poplar/Birch Core

Carbon Beams

Designed by: Never Summer // Built by: Never Summer, Denver Factory

TLDR: Freestyle-focused, backcountry-capable. Not a bad combo.

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