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Lib Tech T.Rice Pro Snowboard 2024

An energetic feeling all-mountain twin with reverse camber for a fun nimble feel that makes turning effortless and exciting.

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This is the board Travis Rice does that stuff on... Enough said.


Travis Rice now has a few pro models in the Lib Tech lineup, the T.Rice Pro being the versatile all-mountain twin of the bunch. This is oftentimes going to be the option that makes the most sense for the majority of riders. The C2 profile gives you enough rocker in between your feet to make the board feel nimble through tight trees or in deeper snow all while staying locked and loaded for more aggressive riding.

Magne-traction helps a ton on icy conditions to give the board a few additional contact points, letting the edge bite and grip when the snow is firmer and you need to be more locked in. The cool thing about the T.Rice Pro is that it feels completely at home cruising at slow speeds and won’t feel like a pain to turn, but when you decide to pick up the pace and find some more aggressive runs it is ready to rip.

Who is this board for? Snowboarders who like a playful twin that can be taken all over the mountain. 

Who isn't this board for? Riders only looking for something to slice and dice groomers. Riders who prioritize having the most stable option.

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Tech Specs

  • Flex/ Medium (6 out of 10)
  • Profile/ C2 (Reverse Camber)
  • Added Materials/ None
  • Built By/ Mervin, USA Factory
  • Shape/ Twin
  • Core Materials/ Aspen & Paulownia
  • Designed By/ Lib Tech Snowboards

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All-mountain twin board that feels nimble, balanced, and ready to get creative on any part of the mountain. Ride either direction, advance your freeriding, and take some laps through the park.

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