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Burton Genesis Re:Flex Snowboard Bindings 2025

One of Burton's best bindings regardless of skill level and style. Straight up.


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The blend of performance and comfort on the Genesis is unmatched.


Maximizing comfort without sacrificing performance is what the Burton Genesis is all about. The Genesis is equipped with features that allow it to provide a combo of response and forgiveness that other bindings don’t achieve. In most cases, if a binding is responsive it’s not going to be very forgiving and vice-versa. With the Genesis, a medium-stiff highback provides the response, and a ‘hammock’ that sits on the front of the highback provides the play. The hammock creates suspension between your calf and the highback, creating energy and absorption at lower speeds in technical terrain, the park, or just cruising. When you start picking up speed you don’t notice the hammock as much but the highback performs as-is, providing a locked-in feel and plenty of stability. The Genesis is not the stiffest binding out there by any means, but the highback is stiff enough to provide sufficient support for most riding styles. If you’re looking for a binding built strictly to support the most aggressive riding, there are probably better options. The Genesis is a mid-flex binding that can hang. As far as comfort goes, the heel hammock combined with Burton’s signature rubber straps is gonna make you wanna stay in this bad boy all day.  I haven’t found many bindings that are more comfortable than the Genesis. It’s flexy, forgiving, and locked in. 

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Tech Specs

  • Flex/ Medium (6 out of 10)
  • Compatibility/ 2x4, 4x4, The Channel
  • Built By/ Burton, China Factory
  • Chassis/ Composite
  • Designed By/ Burton Snowboards
  • Size Chart/ Small: 6 - 8, Medium: 8 - 11, Large: 10+

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The Genesis is feature packed with a strong focus on performance but keeps comfort in mind. This binding is at home across the full spectrum of riding styles and board types.

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