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Blizzard Black Pearl 82 Skis 2024 // Women's

Precise, nimble, easy to ski and great for skiers of all ability levels. Built for groomers.

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Like you, this ski is comfortable on a groomer but is no stranger to the rest of the mountain.


The Black Pearl 82 has all the things that make the Black Pearl 88 one of the best skis out there, but in a lighter more one-dimensional package (likes groomers). At 82mm underfoot the ski feels precise, has great grip, and can knife a turn but it is by no means demanding or difficult to initiate a turn. The construction of the Black Pearl 82 allows for easy skiing at all speeds, an ideal scenario for skiers that don’t want to go go go all the time, or want a ski they can progress on. Go with the Black Pearl 82 if you tend to spend most of your time on groomed trails, if you’re looking for more versatility and a little more power go with the Black Pearl 88.

Who's this ski for? Groomer addicts that want something that can handle the rest of the mountain. Also, someone who's considering making the jump from rentals but still kinda considers themselves a beginner will love these. 

Who isn't this ski for? Anyone who wants to spend significant time looking (or hoping) for soft snow should get something a little wider. 

Recommeneded Binding: Marker Squire ID with 90 mm brake


Tech Specs

  • Radius/ 12.5m @ 159
  • Profile/ Rocker - Camber - Rocker
  • Core Materials/ Beech, Poplar
  • Designed By/ Blizzard
  • Weight/ 1545g @ 159
  • Dimensions/ 120 - 82 - 104 @ 159
  • Added Materials/ Titanal
  • Built By/ Blizzard

This is a ski that loves groomers but is also going to power through whatever mother nature has on the menu that day. When the snow is good it's awesome at carving, when the snow's icy it can still carve just fine, when the snow is that indescribable sh*tshow that happens sometimes (shoutout east coast), the Black Pearl will stay confident and composed.

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