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Armada Strive 14 GW Ski Bindings 2023

An awesome alpine binding that allows for good snow feel, is easy to click in and out of, and is very responsive.


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Easy to click into, responsive, and reliable. Works on just about every ski out there.


Now, we usually don't get too excited about new bindings, but this one is worth getting excited about. The same team that brought us the Shift binding has introduced one of the best feeling downhill bindings we've skied on in a while. The Armada Strive has an incredibly low stack height (how high your boot is off the ski) at 20mm and it's about 15% lighter than the STH2 binding the Strive series is replacing. The low stack height and lightweight build of this binding make the power transfer to your skis quick, responsive and it allows for awesome snow feel. Even though this binding is light, it is reinforced with metal in key stress areas for a confident and stable feel when you're clicked in, no matter how gnarly the terrain is. 

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Tech Specs

  • DIN Range/ 5-14
  • Standing Height/ 19.6mm
  • Built By/ Amer
  • Weight/ 980g Per Binding
  • Designed By/ Amer

The Strive 14 is a great binding for skiers of all ability levels. It's easy enough to click into for lighter weight skiers while still offering enough performance and a high enough DIN for more aggressive, advanced skiers.

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