YES. Standard Snowboard 2021


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YES. Standard Snowboard 2021


Flex: Mid Stiff // Shape: Directional Twin // Profile: Rocker-Camber-Rocker

The Yes Standard is the bigger, stronger, tougher brother to the timeless Yes Basic. The Standard gets more power throughout on the inside and out. A better more versatile wood core that blends pop and power that can be felt anywhere on the mountain. Sintered base is the most durable kind for riders who cant stay off the rails or for the speed demons it can hit 0-60mph faster than they think. It's a well balanced board, has tons of energy, and underbite gets you on egde on all kinds of snow. The boards already built wider, Yes dropped in Slamback inserts that lets you mount like it was a powder board if you are to get so lucky. The Yes Standard Snowboard has all the bang without having to spend the bucks.

Poplar-Paulownia-Bamboo Core

Triax Fiberglass

Designed By: Yes. // Built By: Solico Winter Sport Factory, Dubai UAE 

TLDR: A versatile directional twin that can make the best out of any situation. Tons of energy packed into something that is far from satndard.

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