Volkl 100Eight Skis 2018

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Volkl 100Eight Skis 2018



Test Locations: Aspen CO, Sugarbush VT

At the forefront of Volkl’s Big Mountain line-up is the 100Eight. These 108mm boards emanate the vibe from the epicenter of the big mountain charger class. 3D Ridge Construction concentrates the mass of the ski’s core material around the mounting position, generating an insanely slashable feel, without giving up the stability at speed that you regularly rely on, and expect from Volkl Skis. A multi layer wood ridge runs from tip to tail and gives the ski a performance feel without excess weight. By fortifying the center of the ski, Volkl is able to minimize the material content and silhouette of the edges. The resulting beveled edge shape gashes through snow at all temperatures, and lets hard-pack know, despite a fully rockered profile. With a 22 meter radius, the 100Eight’s are a whip built for sustained top end speed and a quiet ride.


3D Ridge Construction - Heralded as the most effective construction design ever put out by Volkl engineering,  3D Ridge Construction is characterized by a central ridge, responsible for torsional stiffness. The bisecting ridge drops off abruptly on either side of the ski, to an extremely thin, beveled edge. The profile of the ski edges are dramatically reduced by this removal of non-essential core material, resulting in knife-like penetration through deep snow, crud or slush.


Multi Layer Wood Core - A Full Multi-Layer Wood Core gives the 100Eight’s on trail fortitude and straight-line stability, while keeping the ski nimble and slash-able in the deep snow that it calls home.


Full Rocker - This profile keeps the 100Eight on top in soft, deep, and inconsistent snow with what is formerly referred to as Extended Early Rise in both the tip and tail. Blast through variable conditions with tail-hook-free maneuverability.

Smart Early Taper - Early Taper compliments this fully rockered profile nicely, by contributing low angle turn initiation and a hard charging 22.0 meter radius.


The Volkl 100Eight does not come with a binding. We recommend you use a binding that will accommodate your skiing needs (backcountry, touring, all-mountain etc.). Be sure the brake width and release settings will work for your particular activity. Questions about what's best for you, contact an expert at TheSkiMonster.com.

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