ThirtyTwo Zephyr Jones Snowboard Boots 2020

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ThirtyTwo Zephyr Jones Snowboard Boots 2020


Flex: Medium Soft // Lacing: Traditional Lace // Liner: Intuition Team

Riders who like to shake up their riding style from time to time or those who like a more free flowing, surfy style of riding, meet the ThirtyTwo Zephyr. A traditional lace boot with a more forgiving flex and low profile outsole create the ultimate board feel. When the snow gets softer and your carves are getting deeper, a really stiff boot can sometimes be overbearing. The Zephyr combines a solid feeling liner with a softer flexing shell allowing you to get your board on edge more casually and at slower speeds. Oh yeah, there's also a half zip gaiter to keep that slush your ripping up out...sick right?  

Half Zip Gaiter

3D Molded Tongue

Designed By: ThirtyTwo // Made in China

TLDR: A more playful feeling boot for a surf inspired riding style, if you want something more responsive with a similar fit checkout the ThirtyTwo Lashed Double BOA.

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