Tecnica Mach Sport HV 95 Ski Boots 2019 // Women's

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Tecnica Mach Sport HV 95 Ski Boots 2019 // Women's


Flex: 95 // weight: 1750 grams @ 26.5 centimeters // 102 mm last @ 26.5 cm

ISO 5355

The Tecnica Mach Sport 95 HV is one of the very few boots boots that is able to walk the fine line between fitting wider feet well and not being a complete bucket. Normally when you see a 103mm last that’s a pretty clear sign that the boot is going to fit really really wide. These definitely aren’t narrow, but if you’ve got wider feet you’re going to feel like they still have a precise enough fit to be able to turn a pair of skis at speeds. Typically I’m more a fit than features person when it comes to ski boots - most “features” in boots are really just marketing jargon, but Tecnica’s Adjustable Cuff is actually a game-changer. The cuff of the boots can extend to accommodate bigger calves. If you’ve ever had issues with your calves being too tight the only real solution most of the time is just to go to a bigger boot, which is probably going to cause problems because it’s to big elsewhere. With these if you have higher volume calves but a medium-to-wider foot you can get a really dialed fit.

Polyurethane Shell + Polypropylene Cuff

2 Piece Overlap

Designed by: Tecnica // Built by: Tecnica, Hungary

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