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Strafe Wildcat Pant // Women's

Strafe Wildcat Pant // Women's


Insulated Pant // Hamstring Vents // 2 Pockets

Membrane: 2L Recon - 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex - 10K, 10K

Everything about the Wildcat Pant from Strafe is designed to just give you just an all-around better take on the standard women's ski pants. Strafe isn't reinventing the wheel here, just taking a design that already works and putting some finishing touches on it that separate a functional ski pant from one that you really love. They'll be warmer than most without be overly bulky, and honestly you'll be surprised by how warm they are despite being really light. Tailored fit gives you a confident-feeling silhouette without trying to draw attention, and the material is a nylon/spandex blend so there's some really awesome 4-way stretch to the material. After a couple days in them you're going to not going to know how you ever got by with those old pants you had before. 

Tailored Fit

PrimaLoft Silver Insulation

Fully Seam-Sealed

TLDR: More warmth, less weight, more stretch. 

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