Spy Legacy Goggle

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Spy Legacy Goggle


Two Lenses // Size: Large // OTG Compatible

The Spy Legacy is a completely new design with awesome innovation. Getting the lens closer to your face increases vision…A LOT! The Spy Legacy reduced how far the frame protrudes from your face and the result is insane peripheral vision. Low profile offers high visibility built on a flexible co-molded frame for a clean connection with your face. Happy Lens technology accentuates terrain changes and enhances color and contrast for incredible clarity. Lock Steady 2.0 lens swap system gets your included bonus lens changed faster than ever before. Compatible with the world’s most popular helmets eliminates the need to worry about compatibility regardless of brand. Everyone want’s to leave a legacy behind, but getting your hands on a Spy Legacy is definitely better.

Happy Lens

100% UV Protection // Anti-Fog // Scratch-Proof

TLDR: With the widest lens and the closest fit to your face, your range of vision will be better than ever before. 

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