Smith Level MIPS Ski Helmet

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Smith Level MIPS Ski Helmet


Adjustable Vents // MIPS // Adjustable Fit System

Another killer helmet from Smith, this one just a slightly toned down version of the ultra popular Vantage MIPS. If you're serious about getting a helmet that's going to keep you safe, MIPS is pretty much a no-brainer at this point, and within the next few years there really won't be any helmets without it. There's a set of adjustable vents and an easy to use BOA dial on the back to get the fit just right. Honestly though, while the features will remain pretty standard from one brand to another, the reason to get a Smith helmet is fit. They're construction results in the best and most natural fitting helmets time and time again, and in the higher-end models like the Quantum, Vantage, and Level the difference between Smith and everyone else is pretty palpable. Add it to the cart and pair it with the Smith I/O MAGs to see what I'm talking about. 


What's the difference between the Smith Level MIPS and the Smith Vantage MIPS?

They're both great helmets but the Vantage is just one model higher on the Smith lineup. So instead of one set of vents you get two sets of vents on the Vantage (So you could leave one open, and one closed if you wanted to), the Vantage is a little bit lighter, and then most noticeably it's a little more comfortable. They both fit great, but if you tried them on side by side you'd be able to feel the price difference in the Vantage. 

Aerocore + Koryd

Weight: 550g

Audio Compatible

TLDR: Just an all-around great helmet, nothing too fancy but everything you want. 

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