Slokker Balo Helmet

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Slokker Balo Helmet


Adjustable Vents // No MIPS // Integrated Goggle

The Slokker Balo Helmet combines superior head protection and optimal goggle lens technology into a high functioning piece of equipment with a stylish design. The Balo has an adaptive photochromatic and polarizing visor which provides enhanced vision on cloudy days and protection in direct sunlight. The helmet’s mounted and movable visor is perfect for glasses wearers who have trouble finding goggles that fit well over their glasses. The helmet itself is made of a super durable ABS shell with a Coolmax interior to provide both safety and comfort, while also maintaining a clean two-tone design. The helmet also features a size dial to fit the helmet perfectly to your head, as well as a ventilation switch to open and close the 12 vents depending on your preference. All of these cool features packed into a well-crafted, stylish helmet that will provide both comfort and protection are definitely something to get stokked about.

ABS Shell + Coolmax

Adjustable Fit

Not Audio Compatible

TLDR: It's a helmet and a goggle combined. Need we say more?

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