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Scott Ultimate Dryo 40 Jacket // Women's

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Scott Ultimate Dryo 40 Jacket // Women's


Insulated Jacket // Attached Powder Skirt // Underarm Vents

DRYOsphere 2L 10K, 10K

Scott’s lineup apparel is seriously sick. If you’ve never rocked their stuff before, this would be the time to do it. The Ultimate Dryo 40 Jacket perfects that elusive ratio of performance, style, warmth, and comfort. Not going to be the most waterproof jacket in the store, but for anybody who sticks to the resort, it'll be plenty. Warmth is what its all about though, and this is a jacket you’ll be comfortable throwing on even on the absolute coldest day of the year. The Thinsulate insulation is a synthetic insulator that’s really warm, but also really thin and lightweight, so you don’t get that puffy or bulky feeling. Plus it’s super soft so it just feels great to throw on. Another awesome feature that Scott thought of is that they’ve located “hot zones” on the body where you’re more likely to overheat quickly (underarms, center of back, etc.) and they use thinner insulation there so it’s a lot less likely that you’ll overheat. Little things like that make this the ultimate jacket for this winter. 

Regular Fit

3 External Pockets

Adjustable Hood

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