Salomon X Max 100 Ski Boots 2018

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Salomon X Max 100 Ski Boots 2018



Blues are you jam and you want a boot that has a tad bit more performance when the pitch starts to get steeper and maybe even a little more technical.  The X Max 98mm last gives skiers a precise fit while only clocking in at 100 on the flex meter.  Slightly softer is ok for skiers that are trying to figure out more technical terrain, especially if they aren't skiing that often -- the boot and it's liner are more forgiving and quicker to break in.  Like the rest of the X Max series, the X 100 also has a custom shell.  With a little bit of heat from a Salomon oven you'll have an additional 6mm of room in spots where you need it.  

Forward Flex / Boot Fit

A slightly stiffer 100 flex ski boot.  With Salomon's custom shell the boot can expand 6mm when heat is applied whereever the color is black (yep go ahead and take a look at the image above again).


My CustomFit 3D Pro Liner - The most comfortable and forgiving liner in the X Max line up.  


4 Micro-Adjustable Buckles - 4 sleek micro-adjustable buckles keep your foot locked in place.  

Additional Awesomeness

Salomon Oversized Pivot Benefits

24mm oversized pivot - Sounds gimmicky, looks gimmicky, it's not.  Because the 'bolt' is larger than other manufacturers it provides a better integration between the lower shell and upper cuff for increased responsiveness especially when at higher speeds or in more demanding terrain.


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