Salomon STH2 16 Ski Bindings 2019

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Salomon STH2 16 Ski Bindings 2019


DIN Range: 7-16 // Weight: 1220g per binding // Standing Height: 24mm

ISO 5355 // WTR Compatible

This looks like an 'old binding' since the binding has a longer shape than the blunt nosed Griffon or Attack bindings.  But that is not to say the Salomon STH2 16 is obsolete, oh no, quite the contrary this is for skiers that want to have maximum snow feel and be able to react to any change in snow condition.  Similar to the Attack bindings the STH2 is super easy to click into a major benefit for any skier that loves to spend there time where the snow is deeper.  

Ask a friend who's had a pair of STH bindings, the odds of them having something go awry are slim.  Salomon bindings are reliable and have amazing performance. 

Three Piece Heel

Material: Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic

Designed by: Amer // Built by: Salomon, France Factory

TLDR: Powerful 16 DIN binding that is easier to step into compared to other higher DIN bindings.

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