Salomon S/Pro HV 100 Ski Boots 2021


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Salomon S/Pro HV 100 Ski Boots 2021


Flex: 100 // weight: 1800 grams @ 26.5 centimeters // 102 mm last @ 26.5

ISO 5355

The Salomon S/Pro HV 100 might not be the most aggressive ski boot out there, but it's up there amongst the most comfortable. Wide feet won't have any problem fitting into this thing, so if that's hindered you in the past you don't need to be worried about the fit here, it's wide out of the box and even if you did still need extra room responds really well to heat in terms of being stretched or blown out. I can say with confidence that no other 100 flex ski boot, especially none in the HV category, have this high-quality of a liner from a comfort and consistency with your foot perspective. And, as a result, the consistent and even fit of the foam means that you still get a responsive boot with a really nice connection to the skis, just at a softer flex and wider fit. From super wide feet to casual skiers that just want a little bit more comfort without sacrificing quality, this is a boot that will make a lot of people happy. 

Polyurethane/Kaproline Shell + Polyurethane/Kaproline Cuff

2 Piece Overlap

Designed by: Salomon // Built by: Salomon, Romania Factory

How's the Fit: Exactly how a 102mm last boot should fit. Wide on the forefoot, higher on the instep, still snug around the heel. 

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