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Rossignol Rallybird 92 Skis 2024 // Women's

An all-mountain ski that's most comfortable off-trail and in soft snow, but isn't going to feel out of place if the only option is groomed terrain. Built for more playful skiers who like a quick, nimble ski.

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Off-trail and soft snow crushing with groomer performance that can't be slept on.


The Rossignol Rallybird 92 is a great all-mountain ski for those who prioritize off-trail and soft snow performance but don't want to go too wide. 92MM is a great width for someone looking for off-trail capability without sacrificing too much groomer performance. The Rallybird is a playful ski, a lightweight feel in the tip and tail gives it a poppy, energetic feel that makes ripping through trees and tight terrain a breeze. That energetic feel is great for more playful skiers and anyone who likes to venture off-trail. Because of that playful feel, it's not the most powerful option for groomers, but it definitely holds up. It provides plenty of grip at low to medium speeds on harder snow but might feel like it loses some confidence if you're really trying to test the speed limit. Where it lacks at high speeds, it makes up for with its nimble feel. It takes nothing to turn and feels quick edge to edge. In trees, bumps, or tight, technical terrain this ski comes alive because it pivots on a dime. 

Who's this ski for? Skiers who prioritize maneuverability and off-trail performance but want something that can also get the job done on groomers. Anybody who is looking to move into the 90-100 category but is nervous about a ski being too demanding. The Rallybird is not demanding. 

Who isn't this ski for? Aggressive skiers. Skiers whose main priority is hard snow performance and stability. 


Tech Specs

  • Radius/ 14m @ 162
  • Profile/ Rocker - Camber - Rocker
  • Core Materials/ Paulownia
  • Designed By/ Rossignol
  • Weight/ 1600g @ 162
  • Dimensions/ 127 - 92 - 117 @ 162
  • Added Materials/ Diagofiber, Ruber
  • Built By/ Rossignol

If you're looking in the 90-100MM all-mountain category and you prioritize accessibility or off-trail performance this is a great option. It's easy to use for anybody because it's light and playful. It's great in the trees and soft snow because it's playful (and wide enough).

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