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Rossignol Hi-Speed 120 HV Ski Boots 2024

The Rossi Hi-Speed 120 HV is built for wider feet and skiers who don't need an overly stiff flex but still want some solid performance. This boot is comfortable and warm but still able to drive skis powerfully and predictably. If you are a progressing beginner-intermediate skier or a more advanced skier (who doesn't need the stiffest boot out there) with wider feet and you want a powerful boot, this is a solid choice.

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A higher volume boot that offers solid power transfer and a more forgiving fit for wider feet.


The Rossignol Hi-Speed 120 is a boot built for wider feet and average skiers looking for a more comfort-oriented fit. At a 120 flex, this boot makes sense for a wide range of skiers, from progressing intermediates to more experienced skiers who don't need to be in the stiffest boots. It's responsive and powerful enough to drive just about any ski out there without being so stiff that they're unforgiving or uncomfortable. These boots are also relatively warm and easy to put on compared to some other 120 flex ski boots out there. On the hill, you'll appreciate how effortlessly the Hi-Speed 120 HV transfers power from boot to ski and how much more efficient your skiing will feel. This isn't the most powerful skiing or most precise fitting boot out there, it's not built for that. The Hi-Speed 120 HV is built to make a recreational skier's day enjoyable while also maintaining a nice level of comfort. 


Bootfitter's notes:

The Rossignol Hi-Speed 120 HV is a high-volume boot with a generous fit throughout. The length is on the longer side but not enough to warrant sizing down. The instep area has a generous fit while the area on top of the toes is low to help keep your feet planted when rolling skis edge to edge. This boot is great for skiers with thicker ankles because the heel is snug but not firm or aggressive; it has a more relaxed fit. The width feels more generous than the stated 102mm last, mostly due to the fact that the liner is on the thinner side. This is a great boot for comfort-minded skiers. 


Tech Specs

  • Weight/ 1990g @ 26.5
  • Liner/ Heat Moldable w/ Seamless Toe Box
  • Boot Sole/ Gripwalk
  • Designed By/ Rossignol
  • Last/ 102mm @ 26.5
  • Cuff Style/ 2 Piece Overlap
  • Shell Materials/ Polyether // Polyurethane
  • Built By/ Rossignol

The Hi-Speed 120 HV has a generous fit and a well-balanced level of performance. This boot will make less experienced skiers feel like a stronger skier while also being powerful enough to not hold back a more advanced skier. If you need a solid feeling high volume boot, here ya go.

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