Rossignol Black Ops 98 Skis 2020

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Rossignol Black Ops 98 Skis 2020


r: Mystery // weight: 2000 grams @ 182 centimeters // Rocker-Camber-Rocker

130 - 98 - 120

When the Black Ops series first came out it was released at the brick and mortar level with no marketing allowed -- interesting I know... Along with no marketing, dimensions and materials were not disclosed at all, still aren't.  We haven't cut a pair of skis in half yet to figure out wihat the deal is, but we did measure the waist, tip and tail.  The story behind the skis was very similar to pro level or race stock skis, prior to skiing the Black Ops 98 we had our expectations set at maximum burly built to send with little to no turning and be quiet and stable.  After making a few turns on a blue square in Southern Vermont, we learned our preconceived notion was incorrect.  The Black Ops 98's are damp and playful, easy going, but with a small sweet spot.  Usually the word damp is associated with hard charging skis, that's what makes the Black Op's 98 so unique, it's not hard charging.  Though a hard charger might like this for a playful spring ski.    

Mystery Core


Designed by: Rossignol // Built by: Rossignol, Spain

TLDR: Super playful, for the soft snow connoisseur.

Recommended Binding: The Rossignol Black Ops 98's do NOT include a binding. We reccommend a Marker Griffon ID (110 mm) or Tyrolia Attack 13 GW (95mm).


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