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Ride The 92 Snowboard Boots 2024

The 92 combines the quality of a high-end boot with a medium flex pattern. It's a rare combo because typically, as boots in a line improve in quality they get stiffer. This is designed for the rider who wants a forgiving/playful boot but also wants the best quality.

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The highest-quality boot in the mid-flex category.


The 92 is one of the most unique boots in the world of snowboarding because it combines a mellow flex pattern with the features and quality of a top-of-the-line boot. Generally, if you want the best quality you need to look towards the stiffest options a brand carries. The 92 provides that elite quality but in a more accessible and playful package. On all levels of snowboarding, most riders, even some more advanced riders will find the stiffest options to be overly demanding. A stiff boot is great for aggressive riders who prioritize stability, but for everyone else a flexy feel could be the key to longer and better days on the mountain. This boot makes sense for a ton of riding styles, from riders with a more playful style to beginner to intermediate riders who don't want to compromise on quality or features. Some of those features include an intuition wrap liner from Ride which for my money, is one of the comfiest liners in the game. The liner delivers a secure fit in the ankle to increase heel hold and eliminates the need for a traditional harness. To top it off, a Michelin sole combines rubber with a custom midsole for traction and cushioning. If you're looking for the best option in the medium flex range in terms of quality and comfort, it's hard to beat the 92. 

Bootfitter's notes:

The 92 is one of the most comfortable boots we carry. A roomy toe box and narrow heel make this a great option for a wide range of foot shapes. It works for anyone with a wider foot, or anyone with a more narrow foot that prioritizes comfort over the most locked-in feel in the front of their boot. The heel pocket of the liner is equipped with adaptable foam pieces that grab onto your heel for extra support. Full disclosure, this part of the boot can feel a little unnatural right out of the box, but will be the first part of the boot to break into your foot shape. A couple days of riding and the fit will be dialed. The double Boa system allows for great leg support for your calf and shin, along with full control over the fit in your heel. 

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Tech Specs

  • Flex/ Medium (6 out of 10)
  • Liner/ Intuition Support Trap Wrap Liner
  • Built By/ K2 Sports, China Factory
  • Lacing/ Double BOA
  • Designed By/ Ride Snowboards, Seattle WA

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The option for riders looking for A+ quality without having the stiffest boot. The forgiving flex works for progressing beginner to intermediate riders or freestyle-minded riders who like a boot they can really lean into. Fit is dialed, quality is top-notch, and performance makes sense for so many different riders.

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