Ride Lasso Snowboard Boots 2021


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Ride Lasso Snowboard Boots 2021


Flex: Mid to Stiff // Lacing: H4 Boa Coiler + Tounge Tied Boa // Liner: Intuition Support Foam Liner

The Ride Lasso is all about roping your heel back for unrivaled control and response. The Lasso is designed with Ride's Tongue Tied Boa technology. This system integrates the tongue and the heel area with a side boa that allows for easy adjustment and uniform comfort. This Lasso affect allows you to crank the tightness of one Boa all the way for calf support, and then dialing it even a bit further on the second Boa that control’s the lower lacing; this gives you crazy heel-hold and makes these boots really responsive. The shock absorbing insole and super grippy outsole will give you support whether your stomping landings or hiking stretchy terrain. With your heel lassoed back, these Ride Lasso boots will support you on any terrain or condition you venture out on.


What’s the reason to upgrade from a single BOA to a double?

A much more customizable fit. With a single BOA you can only tighten the one BOA so much. If you tighten it all the way, but your heel still doesn’t feel locked in, there’s not much we can do. With the additional BOA you can crank the extra cable even further to dial in the perfect fit for more localized security. 

What’s the difference between the Lassos and the Lasso Pro?

The Ride Lasso Pro has upgrades throughout. The two most noticable differences are the stiffness and the Intuition Wrap Liner. The Lasso Pro is favorable for strong riders who like more power in their boots. If you like a little more flex or spend some time in the park the traditional Lasso is perfect.

External J-Bars

Waffle Flex Sole

Designed By: Ride // Built By: K2 Sports, China Factory

How's the Fit: Ride's Lasso has got a great fit, especially if you have a slightly wider foot. Runs pretty true to size but with a little bit more room in the toes than the Burton Photon

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